Defects & Remedies

in this large world,  Every house is fighting with problems. people have no idea what negative energies are stopping them to rise. The Vastu science is a crucial part of life. It takes 40% charge of your life and other 60% destiny is depending on your deeds. (Defects & Remedies)

There are simple Vastu remedies that needs to be adopted to decrease the Vastu defects. No one can imagine how these simple remedies can bring a big change in one’s life. We will help you out by explaining Vastu defects that you might be the victim of .

Defects & Remedies

Q. Excessive expenditure reasons?

There could be so many reasons for excessive expenditure in life. We have found in surveys that “Removing Red color” in “South-South-West” can stop our excessive expenditure.

Q.How to protect our business from unforeseen disasters?

We can protect our business by placing “Nandi Bull” in the “South-West” direction.

Q.How to protect our home from negative People?

Negativity comes from negative people. We feel very down when they are surrounding us. The bad thought of negative people disturbs our status of mind. You can use the “Trishul, om and Swastika” symbol on your “main door”. Its positive vibes will protect your house from negative people.

Q. What defects indicating a Running water tap?

Those people who don’t fix taps and they let them running, are inviting big troubles in their life. It will raise “health issues and spoil the financial status” of the house. In other words, we can say keep running water tap is alarming to unnecessary expenditures. (Must Read:-34 effective Vastu tips for Money -Get Money -Get Rich)

Q.How to Get rid of negative energies?

if Vastu defect is existing in your house or in the office then the workplace has to suffer loss instead of profit. There is discord in the house, mental tension remains due to negative energy, but the easy and simple way to get rid of them is to install ‘Vastu Dosha Yantra’ in your home, office, or in the workplace. (Must Read:-Vastu Tips for Removing negative energies)

Q.How to Improve the financial condition?

Vastu Defects can cause a big financial loss. no matter how hard you doing work. Vastu defects can increase your expenses instead of strengthening your financial condition. Then, do not delay, soon install this ‘Vastu Dosha prevention yantra”. (Must Read:- How Vastu Mirror location can affect on your financial matters)

Q.How to get rid of diseases? (Defects & Remedies)

The family members have to suffer physical problems every day if any Vastu defect exist in the house.  However, it is not difficult to get rid of this situation, you should bring the ‘Vastu Dosha Redress Device’ to your home soon to remove the Vastu defects of your home. (Must Read:- Vastu For Good Health and long life) 

Q.How to get Benefits in the Workplace?

If your workplace is affected with Vastu defects then you will not be able to getting the results according to your hard work. Your business might be running slow and facing loss instead of profits. To rectify this, install a ‘Vastu Dosha Prevention Yantra’ at your workplace to avoid the money loss and mental stress.

Q.How to design a house according to Vastu Shastra?

According to Vastu Shastra, it is advisable that do not buy a house facing South-West. Always buy a North-East facing house.

Q.Temple in the house according to Vastu.

North-East Zone is the place of the deity. so there should be a temple with proper arrangements. While worshiping, the face should be towards the east. Apart from this, worship can also be perform by facing north. (Must Read:- Pooja room Design according to Vastu Shastra) 

Q.Photos in the house according to Vastu.

Do not ever place any violent photographs at home or in the office. Mounting pictures depicting natural scenes, so the right place is to keep that in the south or west direction. Applying pictures of auspicious symbols such as Swastik, om, Khanda Sahib, etc brings positive energy to the house.  Pictures of ancestors should always be placed in the south direction. Do not keep pictures of ancestors in the temple.

Q. Is Vastu defect working outside India? (Defects & Remedies)

As we all believe that all thE universe is created by “Lord Brahma Ji” and Vastu Purusha also came from Lord Brahma Ji’s creation. Hence, the entire Vastu rules applicable all over the world.

Q.Does Worship or Yag to Lord help in Vastu defect removing?

When we worship our Lords, it creates positive energy to our surroundings which relieve you for some period of time. However, I must tell you that a Vastu defect exists until you never found a proper solution.

Q.How Vastu and astrology work together in a one’s life?

it is common perception that if one’s Astrology is good then Vastu does not affect on one’s life. However, it has been proved in surveys that the good astrology is nothing without Vastu science. In Hindu scriptures, Vastu pursha is creation of Lord Brahma Ji whereas Astrology is just a manmade science.

Q.What portion of the house should rent out and what should keep for householders? (Defects & Remedies)

Some people rent out a portion of the house to their tenant. They don’t know what portion should be kept. it depends on the person’s profession.  For example, if a person is a politician, then he should keep the EAST area under his use.
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