Lucky bamboo Vastu tips

The bamboo tree is quite popular all over the world. The bamboo plant stands upright after facing all environmental issues. Similarly, a person can learn from it that one should not be afraid and bow down in life. In the subject of Vastu shastra, It is believed that keeping lucky bamboo in the house invites positive energies and brings Luck. However, it should be placed in the proper direction by following the Vastu rules.  (Lucky bamboo Vastu tips)

Lucky bamboo Vastu tips

Where to place lucky bamboo in home

The lucky bamboo plant can be placed either in the house or commercial premises. Most people place it on the working table as they give the attractive look. For more desired results you should place it as per Vastu rules.  According to the Vastu principles, the ideal location of this plant is ‘East or South-East’ in the house. you can also keep it in other directions but East and Southeast directions are considered most auspicious.

Bamboo Tree for home Decoration

Lucky bamboo should be represented the entire five elements. such as earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. Use pebbles in the transparent container to denote earth, tie a red color band to denote fire, put a coin inside to denote a metal, fill in with water and the plant itself denotes wood.

How many bamboo stalks are lucky

The stalks of bamboo playing a very important role. The following tips describe significancies according to stalks wise.

  1. It is advised that keeping with 3 stalks lucky bamboo gives bring pleasure for long life.
  2. Five stalks of bamboo denote good wealth.
  3. Six stalks of bamboo bring prosperity.
  4. Seven stalks of lucky bamboo is a sign of good health.
  5. Placing 21 stalks of lucky bamboo works in all-purpose with blessings.
  6. Make sure bamboo should be healthy and rich with green shade.
  7. Place it in a transparent container that allows you to see the roots.

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Lucky bamboo Benefits

  1. lucky bamboo is the best option for Environment cleanness.
  2. It brings Good luck and good fortune for residents who live in the house.
  3. The bamboo plant has so many stems which give an astonishing look to the home décor.
  4. you will be more privileged when you get a Lucky bamboo as a gift.
  5. For householder safety, it creates space energy which is considered auspicious.
  6. It can simply raise in dim lights. therefore you can place it inside your house.
  7. The architectural plane design by Vastu experts always designs a kitchen in the southeast zone. We usually advise our clients to place lucky bamboo in the kitchen. As it activates the positive energies and brings prosperity.

How many Bamboo Plants should be kept

 It is recognized that the number of Bamboo Plant has an effect on your good fortune such as:-
  1. TWO bamboo plants for love and marriage.
  2. THREE bamboo plants bring long life, good health, and wealth.
  3. FOUR bamboo plants for education and desired career.
  4. SIX bamboo plants to gain wealth and prosperity.
  5. SEVEN bamboo plants for the good health of the entire family.
  6. EIGHT bamboo plants for Positive growth.
  7. TEN bamboo plants for representation and mental peace.

Where to keep bamboo plant in the house as per Vastu

  1. It is considered good If the bamboo plant placed in the Southeast direction. Because planting in this direction keeps peace in the house and brings wealth.
  2. When planting a bamboo tree Do not place it near the window or in a place where the sun is straight. This will burn the plant and spoil it.
  3. Don’t hang it. This will spoil the plant and negative energy will come into the house.
  4. It can be easily placed on the dining table or any part of the house for decoration.
  5. If the plant remains green, it is an auspicious sign. But if its leaves turn yellow then it is considered inauspicious. For this, keep in mind that change the water in the plant every 7 days and add clean water.
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