Clocks Vastu

It is very hard to believe that just a clock Vastu in the house is playing a very crucial role in our life. nowadays, new generations do not believe in Vastu Science. However, I must tell you “this could be the reason for delaying success in their life.
Here, you will understand how it creates financial constraints in life and how to solve them. According to Vastu, many directions have been set for the installation of the wall clock.
Clocks Vastu

Clocks Vastu [Advice to avoid]

  1. Avoid clock is in the South direction of your house. Remove it immediately because it may cause financial loss to you and your family.
  2. Avoid placing a clock above the door of the house. Due to this, you may face a shortage of money.
  3. if you have a broken clock fix it ASAP or replace the battery.
  4. Avoid keeping a black, blue, and red clock in the house.
  5. Avoid dirt on the clocks. It hinders progress. clocks should always be cleaned.
  6. Avoid clock face towards the bedroom door.
  7. Avoid clocks display that depicts negative energy such as war, loneliness, etc. Must Read:-  A fish aquarium can save you from disasters 

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Clocks Vastu

  Clocks Vastu [Advice to follow]

  1. The clock should be hanged on the East wall of the house.
  2. Square and round clock are considered auspicious in the house.
  3. Make sure a clock should be hanged inside the house.
  4. the clock can be placed on the eastern, western, or northern wall of the house. it brings positiveness to the house. it creates an atmosphere of happiness in the whole family.
  5. It is believed in Vastu that if there is a pendulum clock in your house. Then, it is very auspicious for your family.
  6. Remember that no clock should be left behind from its time. If possible, keep your watch five to ten minutes ahead of the right time. Because the secret of the speed, progress, and development of life is hidden only by walking with time.
  7. It is believed that one should never give a watch as a gift. Because The needles of the clock bind us in time. By gifting watch it is believed that we are giving our good or bad time as well. If that person lives a happy life then we receive happiness if he spends a bad time then we also have to face the same condition.


Clocks Vastu
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