Fish Aquarium in Vastu

Everything on earth has a certain level of energy. By applying everything correctly makes that energy beneficial for us. Similarly, Having a Fish aquarium in Vastu is considered very auspicious.
it can be used to improve the major architectural flaws. Moreover, it also capable of converting negative energy into positive energies.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Placing Fish Aquarium in Home

  1. Placing a fish aquarium in the northeast zone Vanishes money problems.
  2. By giving food to the fishes, the calamity may be averted that coming to you.
  3. By observing the movement of beautiful fishes helps in curing high blood pressure and nervousness disease.
  4. The water inside the fish tank represents life. if the water is moving (from a pump or any other device) it represents a livelihood or positive energy flow in life.
  5. The movement of fish in the aquarium generates positive energy and attracts prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

Therefore, the correct location of the aquarium at home or commercial is extremely important.

Fish aquarium in Vastu [Advice to Follow]

  1. Keep ornamental and healthy fish.
  2. Try to keep 9 fish.
  3. Out of 9 fish, 8 fish should be of the same species and 1 other. 8 pythons and 1 gold.
  4. Install fish tank in the living room.
  5. North, East, and Northeast are best for small fish aquariums.
  6. The west is favorable for a large fish tank.
  7. Only one person should feed fishes daily.
  8. Keep the tank thoroughly clean and sanitized. Use water filters, water circulators, or pumps.
  9. It is commendable to use decorative stones.
Fish Aquarium in Vastu

 Fish Aquarium in Vastu Advice to Avoid]

  1. Avoid the fish tank under direct sunlight.
  2. The fish tank should not be kept in the kitchen. it may cause health problems.
  3. The fish tank should not be kept in the bedroom. it can cause sleep disorders.
  4. No dirty or broken fish tanks are allowed.
  5. No fish tank should be placed under a beam.
  6. Fish tanks should not be placed under the ladder.

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