Tulsi plant As Vastu

Tulsi Plant is considered revered in Indian culture. Besides having religious significance, Tulsi is also rich in ‘medicinal properties’. Ayurvedic experts have given special importance due to its advantages. Tulsi is a medicine that is used in most diseases. Its use is considered very beneficial for colds, dental diseases, and respiratory diseases. (Tulsi plant As Vastu)

Importance of Tulsi Plant 

According to the Puranas and Shastras, it is believed that ‘Lakshmi and Tulsi do not live in the midst of poverty, unrest, and tribulation’. Tulsi is a holy plant and it brings positivity a lot. The ideal zone for the tulsi plant is ‘East or North-East’. This tulsi plant is useful from birth to death. it is very hard to imagine that the tulsi plant is capable of making our life healthy and happy.

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Tulsi plant As Vastu

 Tulsi plant As Vastu [Tips]

  1. Keeping tulsi in a flowerpot near the kitchen ends the ‘family feud’.
  2. If the son is stubborn by keeping it near the ‘east direction’ window then his stubbornness is removed.
  3. If any of the children of the house is out of their dignity. Then, the three leaves of the tulsi plant – kept in the east direction – feed the children- bring positive change.
  4. If there is a delay in the marriage of the girl. Then, pouring water by the girl to the tulsi plant in the fire zone(South-East). As a result, the marriage takes place quickly and in a ‘favorable place’.
  5. It is believed that having a Tulsi plant in our house protects us from the ‘evil eye’ and also prevents negative energies.
  6. While consuming tulsi leaves, keep in mind that these leaves should not be chewed but swallowed. Because Tulsi leaves contain mercury metal elements which are not beneficial for teeth.
  7. In the evening, light a lamp near Tulsi. Doing this, Mata Laxmi’s grace remains. 
  8. It is advised that a Tulsi Plant should be placed in the affected area it helps to vanish the ‘Vastu defect’.  

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