18 Vastu Tips for Perfect Career

In today’s era, laws and principles of the universe work without being influenced by who you are, what you are, or where you are. These rules and principles determine every moment of your life and every experience of your life whether you know it or not. (18 Vastu Tips for Perfect Career ) 

Your life is constantly being affected especially one’s career by the existing energy. There are 18 Vastu Tips for Perfect Career we bought which affect your thoughts, your subconscious mind, and your emotions positively.

18 Vastu Tips for Perfect Career

If these energies are affecting you positively, then you will achieve success, and prosperity in your life. But if negative energies exist around you, then even after working hard, “you will face failure, financial crisis, and disappointment”.

The ancient science of Vastu tips removes these negative energies in a building and ensures the flow of positive energy. You must have seen that if you feel relaxed in one person’s house, you will feel restless and tense in another person’s house. This feeling is created as a result of the energies present there.

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Therefore, it becomes very important that the energies affecting your subconscious mind are positive. Vastu Shastra plays a very important role in this. People living in houses built according to the principles of Vastu Shastra have attracted success and prosperity in their lives. Hence, in determining the condition and direction of your career, it is necessary to fix the Vastu of your home.

18 Vastu Tips for Perfect Career & professionalism 

#1. What to Follow

  1. The entire house should be clean, but the working place and North-East zone should be kept more focused in terms of cleanness. While sleeping keep your head in the south or east direction.
  2. While working you should have a wall at your back. It will give you a feeling of psychological support and safety. Either keep this wall empty and do not put any type of painting or artwork on it and if you want to put it, then you can apply a beautiful painting of a mountain.
  3. While addressing a conference, make sure that your seating area is in Nairitya (South-West) and that this place is at an extreme distance from the entrance of the conference room which is not in front of you but towards the front.
  4. If you are the owner of a company or are working in an important position like CEO, then make sure that your room in the office is in the north direction and in that room also you sit facing north in the north direction only. This southward direction will give you stability and dominance.
  5. While doing business, sit facing east or north direction. Sitting facing north at the workplace proves beneficial for economic growth. Your seating chair should be higher and bigger than other chairs.
  6. If you work related to manufacturing, then you should keep your finished goods in Air(north-west). Manufactured goods in the direction of air will sell at a faster speed.
  7. If the furniture in the office is in wooden material then it will be good for you. The furniture should not be broken or messy. This represents negative energy. Therefore, either repair such furniture or it would be better to get it replaced.
  8. For better cash flow, you can place a lamp in your office fire (southeast). And if other items related to fire are kept in this direction, then the cash flow will remain positive.
  9. Drinking water and water fountain or water-related things should be kept in the northeast of the office.

#2. What not to do

  1. Do not build a toilet in any of the north direction and northeast. This will cause financial troubles. You will not get new career opportunities and there will always be a sense of uncertainty and ambiguity in your mind. Toilet construction in these directions creates a major architectural flaw. So take special care of it. Eastern igneous, southern, south-west, and western are the best options for constructing a toilet.
  2. Never sit under any beam while working or studying office. By sitting at this place you will feel mental tension which will also affect your work and quality of studies. Therefore, sitting under the beam will not be acceptable at all.
  3. Your office table or study table and other furniture should not be circular, oval, or irregular shaped.
  4. The workplace should not be full of stuff, compressed, and low in height. This creates ambiguity, the tension in the mind and affects the quality of work.
  5. Negative pictures and artwork in the house and especially in your study room or bedroom should not be related to war, violence, abstract art. It continuously spreads negativity in your subconscious.
  6. While working in your study room or office, do not sit with your back towards the entrance. This will give a feeling of insecurity and you will not be able to work with concentration due to constant stress.
  7. While working, do not put a photo related to the water element on the wall behind you. This also creates instability in the mind.
  8. There should not be a wall in front of your study table or office table. This limits your vision as well as disrupts new creative ideas. So try to free up space in front of the table so that new ideas and ideas can come freely into your subconscious.
You will definitely benefit by adopting these important and authentic principles of Vastu Shastra and these rules will definitely give amazing results for your career, business, and job also.
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