Pooja Room Vastu 24 Tips for Positive vibes

The house of worship and the place of prayer are the two most sacred places in the house. Therefore, to maintain its purity, we should also make proper arrangements. (Pooja Room Vastu 24 Tips for Positive vibes)
Vastu Shastra has been proved to be the most helpful way to organize the Pooja room. No matter which religion you believe in, Vastu laws can anyone apply or anywhere. Because they are considered the natural laws that are designed to balance and reconcile the powers present in the environment.
By following Vastu principles, you can make the place of worship filled with satvic energy and the holiest place. So let us know what precautions should be taken while making a place of worship in the house.

Pooja Room Vastu 24 Tips for Positive vibes

Pooja Room Vastu 24 Tips for Positive vibes

[What to do while designing a place of worship]

  1. North-East is considered the most sacred and best direction for the Pooja room.
  2. A place of worship can also be built in the East.
  3. North direction is also good for the pooja room. While prying face should be towards the East Direction.
  4. During worship, the face can also be kept in the north direction.
  5. Pyramid-shaped ceilings can be made in the Pooja room.
  6. Keep fewer items in the temple.
  7. Worshiping can also be performed in the Brahmasathan(The center of the House)..
  8. Place a green plant or bouquet in the north or east direction at this place.
  9. Keep the proper arrangement of light and air.
  10. Religious texts, keep the materials of worship towards the south and south-west.
  11. Do not build a pooja room in Nairitya (South-West). It is not right to build houses of worship even in the south.
  12. It is negative to keep broken, dilapidated idols at the place of worship.
  13. Avoid keeping idols brought from ancient temples in the Pooja room.
  14. Avoid pictures of Mahabharata, war, animals, and birds in the worship hall or anywhere else.
  15. Do not make any kind of construction or keep any heavy items in Brahmasthan of the place of worship.
  16. It is not right to install a big statue in the house.
  17. Worshiping in the bedroom is not acceptable to Vastu.
Pooja Room Vastu 24 Tips for Positive vibes

Pooja Room in North -East:

The North-East direction is Known as an Ishaan cone. In the northeast, Lord Kubera and Surya Devtaa are the main hymns of energy. Therefore, building a temple in the northeast is beneficial in all ways. Avoid having a large statue in the temple so that this direction needs to be lightweight.

Pooja Room in Brahmasthan:

Brahmsthan means the center of the house. in the modern era, people prefer to live in flats/apartments. Due to the space shortage, it is very difficult to be built a temple in the center of the house.

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in ancient times temples have been found built in the Brahmasthan. Having a tulsi plant in the middle of the house and lit a lamp in the evening is considered auspicious. Apart from these, if you build a temple in any other direction, then you must need a consultancy from a Vastu expert.

Where not to have a Pooja room

Temple in Bedroom:

These days residential spaces are getting shorten day by day. in such situations, people built temples in the bedroom which is considered a Vastu defect. Therefore, you should never build a temple in the bedroom. This makes the people living in the bedroom bitter in relationships.

Temple in Kitchen:

Having a temple inside the kitchen is a common problem. Due to a lack of space, people build temples inside the kitchen. The Southeast direction is considered good for the kitchen. if you keep a temple in the kitchen then it will become a Vastu defect.

Temple in front of Toilet:

Building a temple in front of a toilet is not good for many reasons. The Pooja room is the place of the home where you sit and meditate. Therefore, you should build the temple in such a way that it should not be faced the toilet.

Temples under the Stairs:

Having a temple under the stairs is considered a big fault according to Vastu. The flow of negativity starts running in the house. which impacts negatively on the thought process of the family members.

 Temple under the Beam:

The pooja sathan should not be placed under any beam. An Heavyness type of negative energy is released from the beam. Due to which the worshiper in the temple may have to suffer from diseases.

 Tips for Pooja room

  1. Place only one photo or idol of one type of God in the worship room.
  2. Spread red colored cloth before placing the idols.
  3. To get money, keep Kubera Yantra in the temple.
  4. If your house is multi-story then place the temple on the ground floor.
  5. Marble flooring is good in the temple but it should be white in color.
  6. While placing the statue in the temple, make sure that it should not be broken.
  7. It is forbidden to have Shank in the worship room.

Many rules have been given in Vastu Shastra in relation to the worship or Pooja room. We hope that the above information will be beneficial for you and with the help of Vastu and its use, you can make your life enjoyable.

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