34 Effective Vastu Tips for Money – Gain Money Get Rich – Vastu Tips for Wealth

There have been observed that Vastu creations in buildings have been proved amazingly effective in terms of wealth. (34 Effective Vastu Tips for Money – Gain Money Get Rich – Vastu Tips for Wealth)

It has been seen that despite hard work and talent, many times people still failed to gain their financial status. Whereas some people easily achieved success and wealth even without much effort and we start calling them “Lucky people”.

34 Effective Vastu Tips for Money - Gain Money Get Rich - Vastu Tips for Wealth

However, in reality, our destiny plays a less part in our life than the energies we preserved in our house. if there is a big Vastu Defect in your northern direction, then you will not be able to get positive results from your efforts at any cost.

That is why, Today you will learn about 34 Effective Vastu Tips for Money and the principles of Vastu Shastra, which we can easily apply to at the time of building construction in order to gain money and get rich.

34 Effective Vastu Tips for Money - Gain Money Get Rich - Vastu Tips for Wealth

34 Effective Vastu Tips for Money – Gain Money Get Rich – Vastu Tips for Wealth 

  1. North Zone is the direction of money and Opportunities in Vastu shakti chakra, its auspiciousness can be increased by placing plants in this zone.
  2. Do not keep dry flowers in the house, this will bring negative energy in the house. And, also hinders the happiness and progress of the house. Keep only fresh flowers.

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  3. To strengthen the economic aspect, keep laughing Buddha holding a bundle of money at home. It will never let you face the money problems.
  4. By strengthens, the north zone your financial status can be increased, if the main entrance of house from the lord Kubera division (the god of wealth).
  5. Place a Tulsi plant in the northeast corner of the main door of the house. Pouring water daily in it and light a lamp of ghee or oil in the evening. By doing this, you will see a rapid increase in money opportunities.
  6. By applying Windchime in the house, the negativity gets removed automatically. It is believed that the sound of their bells removes all the negative energies of the house.
  7. Chinese coins have also been considered very important. Tie them in red ribbon and keep them in the house increases the income and removes negative energy.
  8. The positive and negative energies come from the main entrance of your house. Therefore, make a silver swastika at the door of the house, it will bring positivity in the house.
  9. The presence of water in the northeast is considered very auspicious (underground water tank ), a water fountain can be installed in this direction. This flow of water reflects the flow of positive energy and money.
  10. Place the cash locker on the south or south-west wall so that it opens towards the north direction.
  11. The North-East direction is very important in terms of money & prosperity. The North direction should be kept empty and completely clean.
  12. The slopes of the building should be kept from south-west to north-east.
  13. Do not eat food while sitting in the bedroom, it brings negative energy.
  14. Keep pictures that reflect enthusiasm, joy, peace, and refreshing your mind.
  15. The increase or cutting of any direction in the building causes Vastu defects in the building. This type of Vaastu Dosha creates economic loss, health-related problems, legal debate, etc.
  16. If you bought a plot with northeast extended, you can see a drastic positive change in life. However, you should take the help of a Vastu specialist to check the Northeast extension.
  17. The south and west walls should be higher and heavier than the north and east walls.
  18. Keep in mind that, the height of the plot should be higher than the road around it.
  19. Keep the color of the rooms and walls in the north is blue, and do not keep red-colored objects in this direction. and avoid very dark colors on the walls in the house.
  20. Never keep a cash locker under a beam. Doing so has an adverse effect on the flow of money.
  21. The best care is needed while purchasing a plot. because the shape of the plot is very important in Vastu. Do not buy a triangular, oval, chopped, or irregularly shaped plot.
  22. Do not build a Toilet in the northeast direction. This causes a serious Vastu defect.
  23. North direction should not be cut off in any case. For example, during the measurement, the north direction should not be less than other directions, nor should round walls designed there.
  24. Do not build an Underground water tank, septic tank, or any other type of construction in the south-west direction which is below the ground level. it may cause economic loss.
  25. If you want to keep money in your purse then avoid keeping food items in your purse.
  26. Keeping old clothes and other useless items in the north and east direction of the house, this invites big trouble in the house.
  27. Do not keep such pictures in the house, which increases the negative atmosphere like a deserted house, fights, autumn, etc.
  28. if there is any leakage of water in the kitchen and bathroom taps, this is a sign of financial loss. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to gain financial status. fix it as soon as possible.
  29. Keeping pictures related to water elements in the sleeping room can put you in debt.
  30. There should be no water or blue color in the south direction of the house. If it is necessary to do so, then the mixture of green and red color should be used.
  31. While Eating or drinking face should be North direction, it brings positive energy.
  32. Do not let more junk accumulate in the house.
  33. Do not keep plastic or artificial flowers and plants inside the house, it causes poverty and increases the effect of negative energy.
  34. If the main door of the house is defective or does not open completely, then it causes loss. Get it fixed and avoid debts.
34 Effective Vastu Tips for Money - Gain Money Get Rich - Vastu Tips for Wealth

It is worth to say that all these Vastu tips will definitely work to gain prosperity. when you apply all these Vastu rules then you will see a big change in your life.

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