Vastu Tips for Removing Negative Energies

Everything in this world has a particular energy level. If the energies are positive in the house then it will lead to good results, but negative energy results can be bad. (Vastu Tips for Removing Negative Energies)
Negative energies directly impacts on the thinking of the people.  For this reason, they are not able to get success and happiness in any work. To maintain happiness and prosperity in the home, many traditions have been prevalent since ancient times. These traditions are associated with different objects and functions.
In some of the houses, some items are broken, useless, but still lying in some corner. There are items that should not be kept in the house in a broken state. If these things happen in the home, then they have a negative effect on all the family members. Due to which the mental tension increases and there is no movement in the works.
Vastu Tips for Removing Negative Energies
  1. Keeping a broken mirror is a major flaw. Due to this defect, negative energy is activated in the house and family members have to face mental stress.
  2. Many people also keep broken utensils in the house which gives inauspicious effects. Broken utensils should not be kept in the house.
  3. The stopped/broken watches should not be kept in the house. It is believed that the condition of clocks determines the progress of family. If the clock is not properly work, then the family members have to face some obstacles in their life.
  4. For Happiness and peace in married life, make sure that the furniture should not be broken of husband wife’s Bedroom.
  5. If any broken picture kept in the house, then it should be removed. According to Vastu it also causes Vastu defects.
  6. If the main door or any other door of the house is broken from somewhere, then it should be repaired immediately. The wear and tear in the door are considered inauspicious.
Thesedays,  People build their houses in Vastu Agreed manners. So that Peace and prosperity remains in their house forever. However, Sometimes negative energies exist in the house which causes illness. In such situations, You are not able to  sleep properly, which affects your work performance.
Due to negative energy, the house stays less cleaned. Children are also not able to focus on their studies. in this scenario, there are some vastu tips which can help to bring the postivity in the house.

 How to enhance Positive energies?

  1. Mix turmeric and vermilion and cow’s ghee and sprinkle water with a copper vessel as soon as you open the gate in the morning. the house will never have negative powers.
  2. Elders say that pouring water to the sun creates energies. Similarly, if you want to remove the negativity, then let the sun rays come into the house. The rays of the sun have the power to remove negative energy. The First thing we all should do in the morning is that Open all the windows and doors of the house and let the fresh air in.
  3. We often collect old things in our house. if we keep these things then the negative energies start coming into the house. Though, our old memories are associated with old things, at least we can remove the useless things.
  4. Burn camphor and cloves in the morning and evening. This also removes the negative energy of the house.
  5. After worshiping, burned camphor and cloves in the house and its smoke should be spread. When we burn cloves and camphor together, the antioxidants present in the cloves combine with the home environment and enter our body by air, which helps to keep the mind calm.
  6. When you feel that your home is in the grip of negative energy, adopt a natural approach. Burn the fresh herbs in the house and if possible, the smoke emanates from each corner of the house. So that the negative can be removed from every corner. The aromatic smoke emanating from Herb so removes negative energy from the house.
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