Plan correction As per Vastu Plot Size 28′-0″X 48′-0″ South Facing Home

It is very important to construct a house according to Vastu rules. if it’s not, then the people who live in the house may have to face difficulties in their life. I have had a query regarding the old constructed house. Which needs to be amended with some Vastu tips. (Plot Size 28′-0″X 48′-0″ South Facing Home)
28'-0"X 48'-0" South Facing Home
In this article, we will discuss numbers one to seven mentioned in the image. So that if you are going to build your own house then you would never repeat the same mistakes.

  Plot Size 28′-0″X 48′-0″ South Facing Home corrections

  1.  The South Facing house’s main entrance gate should be provided in the first four-division of the south side. if you have no idea about 4 divisions then you must read Vastu South facing home full explanation.
  2. The bathroom in a south-west direction can cause financial loss and family disputes. The head of family members must sleep here to get the economic status high.
  3. The Bathrooms and stairs should be placed in the West zone. because this is the zone of Varun dev (lord of water) and Vastu Purusha thigh is also here. That is why these are the best option for placing stairs and bathrooms.
  4. Northwest is the best zone for children’s study room. while studying children must face towards the East. As it is believed that it brings positivity and enhance the power of focus on study.
  5. The North and ‘North-east’ zone is considered very auspicious in Vastu shastra. Hence, the North-east zone should be neat and cleaned. Do not keep dustbins here and heavy goods such as a Store Room, pillars, stairs, etc.
  6. Praying or pooja room should be kept in the North-East zone. If it is not then make sure while praying one should face towards the East or North.
  7. The kitchen is the most useful place for women. if the kitchen is not placed in the appropriate as Vastu then they have to face health issues. The best location of the kitchen as Vastu is in the South-East Zone(Fire Element). while cooking a lady should face towards the East. The sink in the kitchen should be in the North direction.

Vastu Tips for 28′-0″X 48′-0″ South Facing

  1. Brahamsthan (The center of the house)  should be kept empty. Pooja room and prying room can be kept in these zones.
  2. While sleeping head should be towards the South or East.
  3. Do not eat your meal while sitting on Bed. It causes financial loss.
  4. All electrical or mechanic equipment should be kept in the South-East Zone.
  5. The wardrobe or Cupboard should be placed in the southwest zone.
  6. Do not litter in the North-East zone and avoid keeping dustbins and unused electrical equipment.
  7. Rotation of the doors should be clockwise and avoid the automatic door closer.
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