A person’s profession will decide Where to keep the Shoe Rack in the house- Vastu Tips for Shoe Rack- Vastu Science

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In Vastu Shastra, it is very important to understand that,  how one thing functioning in a different zone. Nowhere, we are going to talk about how a shoe rack and shoes function in different zones for different professionals.

Being a Vastu expert, While analyzing the Vastu for home, One must know about a person’s profession who lives in the house. if they are doing their own business or they have a shop, in what professionals they are playing their role.

There are always a few questions that stand in front of the Vastu expert such as.

  1. How to understand functioning?
  2. How many ways one object refracting the things?
  3. What is the importance of the shoe rack?
  4. How to place a shoe rack in your home?



Those people who think that shoe gives support to their body, for them the best direction for keeping shoes, will be the North-west.

Those sports person or athletes accept their shoes as their strength, there are spikes present in the shoes this will to get a grip in their shoes, and they will not fell down. So for them, it will prove as confidence for them and the direction will be South-South-East. Because in the Vastu shakti chakra the SSE zone is for Power & Confidence.

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If we talk about the girls, they cannot walk in a normal state in her Sandals, despite in that hard situation, they carry their Sandals. Actually, Sandals are not carrying them, they are carrying their sandals. Because it is a matter of their beauty, then, the direction of the shoe rack will be considered for them is the North-North-West. Because in the Vastu shakti chakra the NNW zone is for Attraction.




One shop keeper who has a shoe business, for him it’s a business/trade, if they want to attract more customers in their business then they have to place a pair of shoes in the North direction (Money Opportunity) then they will get more orders in their shops.

That is why, In Vastu shastra, the direction of objects will vary according to their professionals.

Hence, there is a different situation for the requirements of anything for a particular person, it could be possible that one subject suits in the northeast and sometimes in the southwest.

On behalf of the Perineum’s rule, it depends on the Vastu expert that where he/she will design in which direction, in what way, and which object placement will be benefitted for them. There is no hard thumb rule for this, there is always a science behind every aspect which you have to find with the power of thinking.


Vastu Tips for Shoe Rack

 Things to keep in mind before placing the shoe rack in the house.

  1. Always keep shoes in the West or North-West direction.

  2. Shoes should not be scattered in the house.

  3. Shoes should be kept hide in the almirah.

  4. Place a pair of shoes like right foot shoe on the right side and the left one on the left side. By doing this, Confusion in life gets vanished.

  5. Do not place the pair of shoes above the other shoes.


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