Favorable Vastu Entrances For All Types of Businesses,Shops and Professionals

In Vastu Shastra, All type of business has a favorable direction for entrances, which can be very helpful for the businesses, Shops, and professionals.
As we all know, Every Business and profession has its own nature. According to their nature, there are different types of energy fields existing on the plot which help to lead the business.
Favorable Vastu Entrances For All Types of Businesses,Shops and Professionals

Let’s understand the nature of the business with an example…

if any business or shop deals in Electronic appliances then the South-East would be the Best entrance for it. Because Electronic appliances are related to electricity, which represents fire, and the SE zone belongs to the Fire element.
Therefore, Vastu shastra suggested that the main entrance of any business will depend on the nature of the business.
In this article, we will discuss the different zones for different businesses and which direction is favorable for what type of business.

The Five Positive Direction for all Businesses, Shops, and Professionals 

There are Five positive directions which considered good for all types of business entrances.
  1. North
  2. North-East
  3. East
  4. South-South-East
  5. West-North-West 
Apart from these five directions, the other directions are also favorable, However, they are based on the nature of the Business. 

Let’s begin with North-East Direction…

Although, The North-East direction is commending for all types of business. However, some businesses are having more benefits than others, such as Textiles, Fabrics, Stationery shops, FooD corners, Sweet shop, and the medical store.

Other Favorable Vastu Entrances for Different Businesses, Shops, and Professionals 

#South-East Direction

The South-East is more favorable for those businesses, which are related to heat, electricity, or fire. Such Businesses which deals with Oil-based Products, electrical items, Petrol Pump, Electronic appliances, hotels, fast food corners, etc.
Moreover, The ruling planet of the South-East direction is called Venus. Hence, The SE entrance is considered more favorable for Females oriented Businesses. Such as Ladies’ clothing Bags, beauty parlor, jewelry, etc. The same rules can be applied in the West direction because The West zone is also favorable for females.

#South-West Direction

According to Vastu principles, it has been found that the South and the South-West direction is very good for those businesses which deal with luxurious and expensive items like branded clothing, cosmetics, expensive jewelry and so on.
In addition to these, the bars and casino business also gains profits in this direction respectively. South-West constitutes Earth elements if any business deals in marble, granite, and coal then they are getting positive results in all deals.

#North-West Direction

North West Direction constitutes Air elements. Because of this, according to the functioning of the air indicates that the NW entrances are considered favorable for businesses which deal with perfumes, sprays, aerosols, etc. and as well as mobiles, telecom advertisement, sales marketing, music instruments, etc. 
Eventually, we have very clear instructions that which business is suitable in which direction.
Now you must be in a dilemma that, if your entrances in not one of the recommended directions, then what needs to be done?
Thanks to Vastu Remedies which we can apply to get the desirable results in our business and trades.
We have discussed every possible Vastu remedy in the Defects and Remedies.
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