The Magical Vastu Remedies for 16 Direction of The House

There are some Magical remedies in Vastu shastra which you can apply in all the 16 directions of your house and see the positive results in itself. (The Magical Vastu Remedies for 16 Direction of The House)
The Magical Vastu Remedies for 16 Direction of The House

The Magical Vastu Remedies for 16 Direction of The House

1. North Direction:-

if we want money opportunities in our life then the first thing comes to mind to check the North direction of the house. If the north direction has (Water element) imbalanced with Earth and fire element then it does not matter how much effort you put in your life to grow in terms of opportunities. 
“Nothing will work until you never balance the Water element in the North and North-East directions”.
In order to balance the North direction, There is a simple remedy that everyone can easily applyFirst, you have to remove the Earth and fire elements by removing Yellow and Red colors in the North direction. Secondly, Place a statue or painting of Lord Ganesha Ji in the “North direction”.
By doing this, It will help us to unite the Dhyan and Aastha, when they unite you will start creating opportunities in your life. Moreover, As we all know Lord Ganesha Ji Known as the Remover of Obstacles and he will definitely help us to remove the obstacles in our life.
In the same way, there are 15 more remedies for the other 15 directions as following…

2. North-North-East:- 

If someone is undergoing serious illness at home then Place a picture of Lord Dhanvantri Ji on the wall in the North-North-East direction.
By place a picture of lord Dhanvantri Ji, you can get rid of any chronic disease

3. North-East:-

is the place where you can place a picture of Maa Yashoda with Bal Krishna. By doing this, it will improve the fertility power of ladies and also in conceiving. This picture will give you the desired results immediately.

4. The East-North-East:- 

The ENE Zone is for Recreation fun. If there is a lack of bonding and happiness in family members, for bringing that, you should place a Full family picture with a smiling face in the ENE zone. This will enhance bonding and happiness within the family members.

5. The East Direction:-

Social connection is playing a very crucial role in life. To get success through social connections, one should place a picture of The Mother Tree in the house. The East direction will help you enhance the connection and contact in your social life.

6. East-South-East:- 

Everyone is struggling in life to achieve the desired results. Therefore, by Placing a picture of Maa Yashoda while getting Makhan(Butter), in the East-South-East, whatever you will do in your life you will always get fruitful results from your efforts.



7. The South-East:- 

The SE direction is for cash liquidity. Unfortunately, if the money flow in your house gets stopped then remove the blue and the black color from the SE zone and place a picture of Maa Lakshmi Ji seated on a pink lotus. By doing this, the stuck money will start coming and this will increase the flow of the money in the house.

 8. South-South-East:- 

Those people who are not able to present themselves and getting nervous more often, they should place a Picture of Maa Durga in the South-South-East. By placing it, this will boost their confidence because Maa Durga is a symbol of Power.

9. South direction:- 

If you want to do anything in any domain of life, However, due to lack of confidence and courage you are not able to do anything then place a Lord Hanuman Ji Picture in the south direction. Because the South direction represents mars. Mars is a symbol of courage which means you will have that force to urge to attain anything in life.

10. South-South-West:- 

If your unusable expenses are increasing day by day then place here a toy namely Boomerang.  If your unusable expenses are increasing day by day then a toy namely Boomerang should be placed in the South-South-West Direction. The activity of boomerang as you throw it, it will again come back to you. if the money which was spent on irrelevant stuff that will come back to you in the form of income.

11. The South-West:- 

If bonding or strength is lacking in a family then place your family picture in a golden frame in the South-west direction and you will notice a major increase in the bonding. East-North-East has a factor of happiness and  southwest is the factor of bondings within the family 

12. The West-South-West:-

The WSW direction is for efficiency if you place the picture of Lord Vishwakarma Ji then you will become the efficient and master in your Business/work field.

 13. The West:- 

The West is responsible for your savings in life, Either it is about relation or money. So the placement of the lockers should be in the West direction. A piggy bank also can be placed of your children in the southwest then your money savings will start.

14. West-North-West:- 

The WNW is the zone of Depression and Low Moods. if a person can not express himself and starts overthinking then Place a picture of Shri Krishna Ji’s with Arjun when he was helping Arjun in Mahabharat by motivating him to do something in life Because Lord Krishan Ji has controlled all the five senses of Arjun. By keeping this, you will see a person uplifted and out of depression.

15. The North-West:- 

The North-west zone is for Support.  Whatever support you are seeking in your life, you will get here by placing a Flying bird or airplane in the form of a fly.

16. The North-North-West:- 

The NNW is to attract someone in life. if you want to attract something then place a picture of that thing, If someone does not want to get marry then place a picture of marrying a couple there. Then, a person wants to get married in his life.
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