The thought process of “Inside and Outside”-Vastu 45 energies signs in Humans

There are two significant ways to connect with God meditation and prayers. We are the creator of our own creation which means there is such a place inside you that helps to communicate with God. To build such a place, one has to connect his own self with Parmtattva (Supreme soul), which is present inside all of us.(The thought process of “Inside and Outside”-Vastu 45 energies signs in Humans)

Therefore, Constructing such a place the inside is Called a Vastu shastra. The study of Vastu says that The art of knowing oneself is the first law of Vastu science. Before learning the subject of Vastu shastra one has to take an oath. This is “I want to learn this subject well so that I can give it to others”. When this feeling becomes strong then you start understanding a subject automatically.

The thought process of "Inside and Outside-Vastu 45 energies signs in Humans
You are a Brahma, you are the creator of your own creation. Science has a law, whenever light collides with any object then we can see that object. Which means “you can see the whole universe inside you”.

The thought process of “Inside and Outside (Vastu 45 energies signs in Humans)

Lord Brahma has four heads. which means you have four energies in your home which are Budhar, Aryama, Vivasan, and Mitra. Like Brahma’s energies, humans have also Sun and Moon, which means conscious and unconscious in mind. Moreover, the Conscious and subconscious mind is divided into four parts as well.

The front part of your head provides you the thought process, such as, What you think and how you think. The Five senses like Seeing, listening, smelling, speaking, and touching. All these situations govern by the front part of the head.

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Whatever you see with your eyes, it governs by the back part of the head. Whatever you are listening to, if any voice you heard, the right and left part of the head governs it. When you start believing yourself as a Brahma, then it s your concern that everything will be worked correctly.

Whenever any disturbance comes in these parts then the energy fields start waking up. There are 45 energies held by Devtas and Asuras in your house. These 45 energies express your feelings inside you. They directly impact the thought process of the people living in the house.

 How 45 energies wake up inside you of your house and what are the signs?

 Whenever any thought comes in the mind about meeting with friends. it means Aryama dev wakes up inside you. When you are entering in any shop and you see the push word is written on the door handle. It means Pusha dev wakes up inside you. When you fell down emotionally, and you feel to cry, then Rudhra dev wakes up inside you.
The thought process of "Inside and Outside-Vastu 45 energies signs in Humans
45 energies in Vastu shakti chakra

“These 45 energies of your house are actually 45 energies of your mind that give you the sign of your actions. Sometimes good thoughts come and sometimes bad thoughts, right in that way you construct any building”.

When you solve the problem which you had in your house then this means you have balanced your mind Completely. Then, You become successful in every domain in life. Therefore, You have to very care full when you are creating something. Because pure thoughts in your mind will be able to give yourself a clear destination.

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