Understanding the 16 direction for Money Growth – Vastu Science

Everyone wants to be rich in this world. Vastu science gives you the opportunity to make your dream come true. 

Understanding the 16 direction for Money Growth - Vastu Science

As we all know money can fulfill our desire. In Vastu Shakti chakra, All the directions are for money and Money comes from all 16 directions. They just have to be awakened by knowing that what you can provide in a better way in all 16 directions.

Let’s figure out how to 16 direction works in the Money factor …

1. The North direction provides those opportunities that you can encash. whether you are a businessman or shop keeper, if you keep in balance the North direction by providing only water elements here, then you will get a lot of money opportunities in life. 

2. North-North-East gives you persistence and continuous efforts in the field where you work. Persistence is the key to money and if you can not continuously stay connected to it, then you can not earn money

If the NNE direction is disturbed with the red color then the family who lives here will have to face health problems and Every day he starts thinking about a new work start. The breadwinner of the family will not be able to continuously put his efforts towards a particular work.

3. North-East provides you the clarity of mind. you can easily access your mind on a particular thing and your decision-making skills get strong day by day if you maintain the NE zone.
4. East-North-East gives rejuvenation and Freshness. Now the question is what does it do in Money Context?
“Actually, it maintains your Tempo in the Context of Money and keeps you always fresh in your life”.
ENE zone looks after your confidence and vanishes your Fear.

5. The East zone connects you with the people who can be of some results for you in life. The social connectivity becomes strong and very useful in terms of money.

6. East-South-East churns an opportunity to refine it and gives the ability to understand it.

7. South-East is the most important direction in terms of Money. The SE Zone increases liquid cash flow. The SE has a fire element if you place any water element in SE then the flow of money will get distracted. 

8. South-South-East maintains the confidence of people who live in the house. 

“it is the confidence in our bodies minds and spirits that allow us to keep looking for the new adventure”.

 -Oprah Winfrey-  

9. The South Direction helps to recognize your product if you are putting your efforts into it. if any Conversation going on within the people, your product will be the part of their discussion and this will also help in terms of earning a lot.
10. South-South-West removes negative thoughts that crowded the mind. A positive mind has more potential to face obstacles than a Negative Mind.

11. South-West Expends the skills own by someone who lives in the house. Keep balancing the SW zone increases the efficiency level of a person in his working field.

12. West-South-West makes you walk in life safe and Securely. The energy field of the WSW zone does not let you down and look after each making steps in life.
13. The West Zone ensures the Gains. if you have your own product that you are selling, or if you have your own Business then the energy field of the West zone takes care of your gains.
14. West-North-West does not indulge your emotions. Many times a person gets emotional, then a well-made game gets spoiled.
15. North-West direction provides you support and makes you Bankable. Bankable does not only mean that organized your Banking that is also a kind of a Bank which you just have to call and get the money. You can have support at the time whenever you need it in your life.
16. North-North-West brings attraction in your Efforts or in your product and services also.
Understanding the 16 direction for Money Growth - Vastu Science
Vastu Shakti Chakra
In this way, there are 16 directions in Vastu and if anyone is imbalanced in the context of money then that factor or the energy field will be affected.
In this way, Being a Vastu expert, when you look at every single-zone and correct the symptom matched with the imbalanced zone then the money growth will flow, and the gaining of assets will start.
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