What Role play by Human mind in Vastu Science

What is the Conscious mind or Subconscious mind and how they work?

There are two types of mind in the human body which play a very important role. The first is the Conscious Mind and the second is the subconscious mind. The conscious mind receives the information from five senses whereas the subconscious mind process the information whenever it requires. (What Role play by Human mind in Vastu Science) 

What Role play by Human mind in Vastu Science
Our conscious mind could not run multiple tasks but the subconscious mind can process thousands of tasks at one time. you may wonder when you come to know that women’s subconscious mind power is stronger than men’s. Women can work on ten things together at the same time.

 How to use the Subconscious mind Power in the Vastu?

Before understanding Vastu principles, First, we have to change the way of thinking. Vastu science helps you to understand the entire basics by adopting it. When you initiate your steps to understand the Vastu principles. Then, your mind starts recognizing the perspective of your subconscious mind.
What Role play by Human mind in Vastu Science
Our subconscious mind reveals our thought stream. This thought stream comes up from the 16 zones of your house. Thus, we look at every corner of the house to see what things kept there.
There are different types of situations in every house and our goal is to recognize and solve them. if there is any problem exist-then with the help of Vastu science we can relate things with their functions and find the reason for anything happening in the house. 

Let’s understand it with an example

If the children in the house love to playing games instead of studying then the west-South-west zone is responsible. If you see the Vastu shakti chakra then you realize that the West-South-West denotes Education Savings. 
If you have placed there a picture of your children’s friend, then he/she loves to play with them. if he/she has an interest in watching tv then you must have kept a television in the WSW zone

Now, we need to understand how to solve this with Vastu Remedy? 

The moment you surrounded by these questions then the same time answer will pop up in your mind, which is you should keep books in the west-South-west Zone”  So the children’s subconscious mind starts focusing on study. Hence, Vastu principles say that the 16 zones of the house are the Human subconscious mind. 
What Role play by Human mind in Vastu Science

The West-south-west zone also impacts other family members. if someone wants to achieve proficiency in his/her Particular field, then he/she should buy a book on his subject and keep it in the WSW zone.

Then, you realize the miracle starts happening the whole book will be transferred in your mind without learning it. This is how Vastu science works with our subconscious mind. In astrology, it is believed that your subconscious mind attracts only those things which are written in your destiny.

Vastu Shastra is considered a Master shastra in any other scriptures. We can go as deep as we can because this is a store of knowledge. It is not as difficult as it looks. All you need to do is just to follow the proper guidelines that have been given.
We all must know that we actually programming our subconscious mind when we make any changes in our house. It is our duty to show the right path to our subconscious mind. 
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