Soil test and Water test of plot for new Building construction

Before selecting a plot for construction, There are so many factors that need to be considered such as plot shapes, slopes, plot’s vibration, roads, cuts extension, etc. Soil test and Water test of plot for new Building construction are one of them also.
All these essential factors are the foundation for Vastu of the plot. However, The “soil quality” of the plot is one of the important criteria which determine the suitability of the plot for construction. Hence, it is important to check the soil quality of the plot before purchasing it. 
According to the Vastu Principles, there are multiple methods recommended for checking the quality of the soil. Out of these, in today’s article, we will learn a few methods which are quite simpler.
There are two simple tests that can be conducted at the construction site.
  • Soil test
  • Water test

#1.Soil Test

The Soil test one of the most important factors at the construction site. Any type of construction is not possible if soil tests have not done properly. some times these tests conducted with heavy types of equipment for the Vast projects. But, here we will explain to you some simple techniques which can be used for the construction of small houses.
For the soil test, first Dig an (L=2′-0″ W=2′-0″x D=2′-0″) pit in the plot. While digging the pit remove all the soil and keep it aside. After sometime refill the pit with the loose soil that was removed while digging.



Now, once the pit is refilled (the pit is full again) and there is still some soil balance remaining outside. it signifies that the levels of density and moisture in the soil are good.

“Such soil can bear the load of any type of construction”.
Hence, such plots are considered good for construction. If after refilling the pit with the loose soil the pit becomes full and there is no soil left. Then, such plots are considered average for construction.
But, if after refilling the pit with the soil, the soil gets over and there is still some space left in the pit. Then, such plots are not considered good for construction. Because, the moisture level in the soil of such plots is generally dry, loose, and sandy.  These factors making any construction activities difficult on the plots.
Now we have learned about the soil test. let’s learn about the water test… 

#2.Water Test

After the Soil test, the water test is another most important aspect of the construction site. As we did the soil test, The same procedure will be applied. 
first Dig an (L=2′-0″ W=2′-0″x D=2′-0″) pit in the plot. Then, in the evening time fill this pit with water and let it stay overnight.
Now, the next day in the morning checks the pit. if there is some water left in the pit and the walls of the pit are wet but hard, then, such a plot is considered good for construction. If no water is left in the pit and there are cracks on the walls of the pit, then such a plot is generally not considered good for construction.
This because the moisture level in the soil of such a plot is generally very low. And the soil of such plots may also be sandy and making construction activities difficult and problematic.
Other than this, if the pit is still full of water and the water is muddy, then such a plot should also be avoided as there may be a presence of an internal water source in the plot.
If there is any construction done on such a plot, it may affect the foundation of the building as the foundation becomes weak due to the presence of water.

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Apart from these, while digging the soil, if you find termites, worms, bones skeleton remain, or large pieces of rocks in the soil. Then, one should also avoid purchasing such a plot as these affect the energies of the building.
In ancient times, plots were also divided among the social classes based on the color, smell, taste of the soil, and plots future usages. Although, these rules are not applied in today’s time. But, the quality of the soil still plays an important role in determining the usage of the plot.
Through the basic tests mentioned in today’s article, you will be able to determine that, the plot which you are going to buy, is suitable for construction or not.
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