Vastu Remedies for Toilet- Vastu defects if toilet placed in the Wrong direction- Vastu Tips for the Toilet

In ancient times in India, having a toilet inside the house was considered very inauspicious. Because the toilets are the major source of negative energies. The toilet room is discarded the bodily waste out of the body. (Vastu Remedies for Toilet- Vastu defects if toilet placed in the Wrong direction- Vastu Tips for the Toilet)
Hence, the toilet room produces energies which affected the house very badly. Due to the time changing, Toilets become an essential part of the house. People even prefer to have attached toilets with their bedrooms.
Vastu Remedies for Toilet- Vastu defects if toilet placed in the Wrong direction- Vastu Tips for the Toilet
In the Vastu shastra, there is no particular direction fixed to place the toilet in the house. However, there are some Vastu rules which can be applied to control the negative energy flow in the house.
in this article, we are going to discuss the following topics.
  1. Which direction is best to place the toilets.
  2. What are the defects, if the toilet is in the Wrong Direction?
  3. Vastu remedies for Toilet
  4. Vastu tips for Toilet

The Best direction for the Toilet

The West and the North- West direction are believed to be the best direction for having a Toilet room within your property.
Because, the bodily waste discharge in the toilet, and there are germs, bacteria and odor exist in that place. The West Zone is the direction of the Sunset and in the time of the sun setting the infrared rays generate. Which helps to eliminate the bad odor of the toilet.
That is why West and North-West are considered the best option for the Toilet.

What are the defects if the toilet placed in the wrong direction

Do not place the toilet room in the North, Northeast, or East direction. The universal energies are present in these directions.  if the toilet placed in any of these directions, then it will affect the positive energies. Which majorly impacts on health, Financial, children’s education.
Having a toilet in the SE direction will lead to the husband and wife’s relationship problems, Delay in the marriage of a girl, and Problems in conceiving. Toilet in the Southwest direction creates business-related issues.
The Brahmsthan (the center of the house) is a hub of the other 16 direction’s energy flow. If the toilet lies in the Brahmasthan then it disturbs and polluted the flow of the energies of the property.

Vastu Remedies for Toilet

The North-East is known as an Ishan con, which means a place of the god. In case the toilet exists in the NE zone or in Brahmsthan, then  I personally suggest that move the toilet from the northeast direction.
Unfortunately, If it is not possible, then avoiding the use of that toilet and place a blue light bulb to balance the water element in the North-East direction.
Moreover, If the toilet is in any other direction, then install a pyramid above the toilet door from the outside of the door. Because The shape of the pyramid absorbs and generates positive energies and stores it within. The pyramid helps to create positive energies around it.

Vastu tips for Toilet

  1. Always use the light color in the toilet.
  2. If there is an attached toilet in your bedroom then keep the toilet door close as much as possible.
  3. If your toilet is in the SE, South, and SW directions then keep the toilet dry as much as you can and use a red lightbulb in the SE direction.
  4. Avoid having any toilet directly above or below the pooja room and Keep in mind that the pooja room and toilet should never share a common wall.
  5. Always keep the toilet clean, to reduce the negative energies in the toilet.
  6. Place the sea salt in a glass bowl in every toilet of your house. The sea salt helps in absorbing negative energies. Change this salt every 15-20 days by discarding it is in the water, never discard this salt in the dustbin.
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