Vastu Tips for the Balcony and points to be noted before planing a Balcony

in Today’s Era, Having a balcony is a precious gift for the householders. As it can be used for Various Purposes such as drying clothes, gardening, etc. There are two important factors which need to be applied on balconies. First Vastu Tips for the Balcony and points to be noted before planing a Balcony.
Moreover, The balcony is the kind of place in the house where we can relax and have refreshments in the open space. If the balcony is in the right direction, then it helps to maintain a balance in the flow of the energies in the house.
Vastu Tips for the Balcony and points to be noted before planing a Balcony

“Vastu Tips for the Balcony and points to be noted before planing a Balcony”

  1. The Best Direction for the Balcony 
  2. Points to be noted before planing
  3. Vastu tips for balcony

#1.The best direction for the Balcony

It considered that the North, North-East, and East should always be kept open and lightweight. Thus, The best direction for the balcony is from the North to East i.e. North, North-East, and East.
In these directions, the early morning sun rays can easily enter the house. Which helps in purifying the energies of the house. In addition to this, South-East and North-West directions can be kept as optional as they are providing average results.
The balcony should never be in the South-South-west and in the West direction. Because These directions should be kept closed and heavy as much as possible.
As per Vastu Shastra, if the balcony is in one of these directions then, they will be defected by becoming a lightweight.
“Now, we know the right direction for the balcony. let’s discuss a few points which need to be noted before designing a balcony in the house”.

#2.Points to be noted before planing a Balcony

There is one thing that needs to be check While constructing a house. which is one should ensure that the balconies’ outer wall(parapet) and the outer walls of the adjoining rooms of the house, should be in the one line.
For example, It should be ensured that no “cut area” gets formed, due to the balcony. it is very important to ensure that the “cut area” in any direction of the plot lines gives negative effects.
If the balcony is in the correct Vastu recommended direction, I.e. North, North-East, or East. Then, the extension is formed in these directions, such extensions are considered Positive.
If the extension is formed in any other direction due to the balcony then such extension is not considered to be positive.

#3.Vastu tips for Balcony

  1. Square and rectangular shapes are considered good for a Balcony. Avoid circular shapes for the balcony.
  2. One should keep small and lightweight flower pots and furniture in the North, North-East, East direction balconies. by doing this, the lightness of these directions is maintained.
  3. One should avoid dark colors for the balcony. Light pastel colors are considered good for the balcony.
  4. If the balcony is in the SE, South, SW, West, and NW directions then one should keep large heavy flowerpots and furniture on the balcony. So that the heaviness of this direction is maintained.
  5. In some houses, the balcony is attached to the bedroom. And, if the balcony is in the South and South-West direction, then one should use a thick cotton curtain in this bedroom. So that the harmful infrared rays of the sun never enter the room easily. these rays make the atmosphere of the room dull and dry.
  6. Some people keep unwanted things on the balcony which blocks the energies of that direction. These causing an imbalance inflow of the energies. Hence, one should always keep the balcony clean and clutter-freeEspecially, the balcony located in the north, northeast, and east direction.
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