Curtains or blinds which is better? full explanation 2021

It’s been a while since blinds are present in the market whereas curtains have been using since our childhood. These days blinds are in trends and relatively new concepts in a residential interior. While selecting upholstery for houses, most of us are confused about whether to buy curtains or blinds. And, which is better for accessibility and privacy.

in this article,  we are going to clear all doubts regarding curtains and blinds and will discuss what measures should be taken before installing them.


Curtains or blinds which is better? full explanation 2021
Curtains or blinds which is better? full explanation 2021


#1. Ease selection of curtains and Blinds

When you go for the selections you can see mock-up samples in the vendor’s shop. There are different types of Blinds such as Roman, roller blinds, vertical, zebra blinds. All these samples are installed for you to understand the mechanism and to analyze the appearance.

Moreover, when you go for fabric selection, the samples/brochures are too small which is a bit difficult to visualize. Comparatively, curtains are either displayed in full or a complete roll of unstitched fabrics. Curtains selections are easier than blinds. They are available in a wide varieties such as sheer fabrics with floral design, motif, geometric pattern, or polka dots.

#2. Automation in curtains and blinds 

Automation is a kind of controller in which you can control your curtain or blinds with a remote by adding a motor. you can control them with a remote and automation technique is possible in curtains and blinds respectively.

#3. which one is better for Appearance (Curtains or blinds)

You can choose blinds for simple window covering with clean finish and clear lines. Curtains have a wavy fall shape which also looks pretty. Those people who love a minimalistic style, they can go for blinds. if you need a minimalistic look in curtains also, then you have to choose plain and simple liner patterns for your window.

Alternatively, You can create a niche in your ceiling so that the blinds when opened, they are not visible and it will give you a clean, neat, and beautiful appearance. Make sure if the window height is small, then the half curtain looks bad. Furthermore, if the wall interior theme is white and wood color then you can add wooden Venetian blinds as they are available in a lot of colors and shades.

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#4. Feasibility for Blinds

Initially, Blinds have been using widely in commercials and institutional spaces. I am sure that most of us spotted blinds for the first time in offices and hospitals. Irrespective of what the length of your window is, one can have curtains installed easily. However, in concern of Blinds, one should keep in mind that they are only available in standard width in the market.

Let’s understand with an example, suppose your window size is 8′-0″ wide and the availability of blind is 7′-0″ wide then you won’t go for a 1′-0″ next to a 7′-0″ standard width. if you are going to do this, it will not be feasible and looks very ugly. Then, You will decide to put it up in equal parts of 2 and 3 depending on the length of the window. By doing this, there will be a gap formed between the 2 blinds which will really bother and you can’t achieve the 100% blackout. so if you go for blinds, the length of the window is matters a lot for total blackout.

#5. Cleaning and Maintenance of Curtains & Blinds

Whenever you go for curtains selections, first ask the vendor how to wash them, as curtains fabrics are heavy at times. in the washing process, some sheer curtains have to be dry cleaned, neither they can be machine washed nor bucket washed. They have to be sent for dry cleaning.

Generally, most of the people select the curtains which can be machine washed. Because these days nobody has time to wash heavy curtains in a bucket. It is more convenient to machine wash, otherwise, you have the option to stitch the delicate sheer or particular fabric curtain, which needs to be dry cleaning.

On the other hand, blinds are a bit tedious to maintain and clean. But, I personally suggest to my clients that, they can use blinds in the offices and in the study room. Moreover, such areas where windows are hardly opened and Air Conditions is extensively used can also install the curtains because of the less presence of dust. Blinds can be cleaned by a sponge. There is a drawback of having a blind which is when the blinds are down and the bottom rod keeps on hitting the window frame which makes an irritating sound.

#6. Good choice for Accessibility

if we talk about accessibility to the balcony and terrace or any seating area that passes through the window, I would recommend here using only curtains instead of blinds. Because curtains can easily slide it asides and move from one space to other. But, Blinds are not allow to do the same. you have to roll up blinds to move the other space.

#7.which is better for Privacy (Curtains or blinds)

In terms of privacy,  My perspective of view is that Having curtains instead of blinds is the best option. if you have installed the curtains, you can draw the curtain half and enjoy the view out of the window. However, it is not possible in the matter of blinds because they functioning only like up and down. There is no scope of part screening in most of the blinds. if you need light and ventilation then you have to up the full blinds and you may not achieve full privacy.

#8. Vastu tips for curtains

  1. Red and Brownish color curtains should be installed in the  South, South-East, and South-west directions. Having these curtains in the Bedrooms are good for a love relationship and confidence.
  2. Light Blue and greenish color curtains are considered very auspicious if you placed them in the North, North-East, and East directions for financial growth in your career.
  3. Eastside green curtains bring trustworthy social relations. However, Black and Brown color should avoid here.
  4. West and North-West white and light blue colors increase gains and profits in business.
  5. According to Vastu only light shade colored curtains should be used in the Bed Rooms.
  6. Saffron and Light Yellow color are also good for Living Room.

Before purchasing curtains or blinds, make sure the color selection should be decided according to Vastu friendly directions. Otherwise, Curtains could be the reason for Vastu defects.

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