Make your Home Luxury: #5 Decor Ideas in 2021

When you move into a new house it is very hard to choose luxury items that make your house more Stylish. There are 5 Decor Ideas in 2021 that every interior designer suggests to their clients for buying items and placing them in the house. By using these items you can make your space looks more elegant and contemporary

Make your Home Luxury: #5 Decor Ideas in 2021

#1. Pendant lamp (5 Decor Ideas in 2021)

A pendant light is a kind of luxury item that can be installed anywhere in the house.  Adding pendant lights to your budget gives the stylish look to your interior Purpose. it creates the general lighting layer that enhances its eye aesthetic. Installing a pendant lamp to your kitchen island, dining room or living room is an excellent way to add to create emphasis in a specific area.

Make your Home Luxury: #5 Decor Ideas in 2021

At the time of selecting your lighting factors first consider the Theme style that you are using at home. Incorporate one that you create a sense of cohesion with all the other elements around. In the kitchen island pendant should be hanged over work surfaces at a 30-35″ height. It doesn’t block views across the kitchen.

#2. Fresh flowers and greenery 

Fresh flowers and Greenery are considered more demanding and stylish aspects in the interior designing Purpose. It is being noticed that there is nothing more delicate than having a bunch of fresh flowers in the house. The greenery does not only provide texture and color but also a scent. Smelling floral scents put us in a good mood and make us feel less anxious.

Make your Home Luxury: #5 Decor Ideas in 2021

Placing Flower pots and greenery can have a fundamental impact on our health. It also helps us to Reduce stress and helping us find peace of mind.  You can place natural flower pots in the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Dining room also. if you want to add a touch of elegant color or a divine natural smell then bring some natural flowers that gives you a satisfying sense of smell.

#3. Accent chairs

The other favorite is the Accent chair. Being an Architect I personally love Accent chairs a lot. Because it is a great way to add a pop of color texture contrast or to break the monotony of space in an easy way. Combining a sofa with an accent chair that makes it contrast in shape color is much more interesting than choosing to buy complete furniture sets. Because this makes the composition look more elegant. 

Make your Home Luxury: #5 Decor Ideas in 2021

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Accent chairs are a great way to add a silhouette, style, or color to any room. You can add any shape that gives you a sense of satisfaction.  There are many options of accent chairs in different styles colors and shapes. However, Something that they have in common is that they are perfect to compliment and to create a balanced contrast.

#4. Hardware/Accessories 

Once a very popular interior designer “Charles Eames” quoted that “Details are not details, they make the design”. Details have the ability to change the perception and elevate the appearance of any space. That is why Including hardware details can touch modernity in your kitchen doors, cabinets, bathrooms, and so on.

Make your Home Luxury: #5 Decor Items in 2021

In the market, there are a lot of varieties available that finishes in mattes, pros call, call brass, etc. You can choose according to your home theme and can adapt to your home style. The best part about the hardware is that it is easy to change and can be an excellent way to freshen up your space.

#5. Mirror

The mirror is more than an element for showing your own reflection. A strategically placed mirror bring more light and give the illusion of a more spacious and elegant room. The best place for a mirror is opposite the window so that it reflects as much light as possible. 

You can feel that space has more flow and it create a kind of continuity. Mirrors are available in different shapes that give the expensive look. Some people choose LED lighting features in mirrors that enhance the beauty of the Space. The more you willing to increase your budget the more excellent design you will get.


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