Vastu for office: Boss Cabin, Direction, Table arrangements

The Business owner is a Decision maker of the office. The flow of the energies allows them to make crucial decisions in their field. Negative energies always lead to unexpected results. (Vastu for office: Boss Cabin, Direction, Table arrangements)

Vastu for office: Boss Cabin, Direction, Table arrangements


The charge of the growth and stability is entirely dependent on the Business’s head. A well-designed cabin with the recommended Vastu rules will always be benefited in many ways. In Vastu Shastra, while sitting one’s face direction is matters a lot. There are following topics will cover for cabins/working area of the business head /owner.

  1. The Best direction of the cabin for the business head
  2. Working Table/desk Managing
  3. Internal office arrangements 
  4. Vastu tips for business head’s cabin

#1. The Best direction of the cabin for the Business head

The South-West direction gives courage and patience. Therefore, The SW direction is considered the best direction of the cabin or work area for the Owner. it constitutes the earth elements. Moreover, it brings stability in the thought process. which not only gives clarity of mind but also helps to implementation.

if it is not possible to have an office in the SW direction, then the South direction can be used as a second option.

#2. Working Table/desk Managing (Vastu for office)

There are various things we keep on working table Such as Visiting card, telephone, computer, etc. Keeping visiting cards in the East Direction enhances social connectivity. Furthermore, The lucky bamboo in the Southeast direction spread positivity. in the South direction, the Red color lamp is recommended. in the North-East direction, Pagoda Should be kept for Knowledge Enhancement.

Moreover, The northwest direction is known as a client zone.  Therefore, telephone and business-related books Should be placed there. if you have an international business then you can keep a crystal globe in the NW direction. it should be twisted twice a day. In the North direction, Crystals can be kept for clarity of mind.

Lastly, The computer should be placed between the North-west direction.

#3. Internal office arrangements 

The office or cabin shape should always be either Square or Rectangular. The wall support is very important behind the seating arrangement. Having a South or Southeast wall support brings a feeling of security. The front area should be opened as much as possible.

While working, one’s face should be towards North, North-east, or East Direction. While seating, the client’s face should be towards the South, Southwest, or West direction. The reason behind this is that the universal positive energies come from the North/ NE/ East direction. it helps in increasing the convincing power of the business head while negotiating business deals with the clients.

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Moreover, the crucial documents and cash box should be kept in the South, Southwest direction of the cabin.  Drinking water provision should be made in the northeast direction of the cabin. all promotional materials should be kept in the northwest direction of the cabin.

#4. Vastu tips for Business head’s cabin

(Vastu for office)

  1. Avoid hanging religious pictures behind the back chair of the business head.
  2. You can instead hang a picture of inspirational personalities, high mountain, or High rise buildings. However, in these pictures, there should not be any water element.
  3. While working, Avoid sitting under the beam.
  4. There should not be a toilet in front of the business head’s desk.
  5. Do not keep circular shapes office desk.
  6. Avoid eating or sleeping on the office desk.
  7. The Business head’s cabin should have sufficient lighting and ventilation. Avoid dark colors for the business head’s cabin.
  8. The cabin should be cleaned and clutter-free.
  9. Remove unwanted things from the North direction of the office, if any kept.
  10. The cash box should not be empty. Always keep a silver coines in it.
  11. citrus stone can be kept in the almirah or in the cash box.
  12. Place the water fountain in the northeast direction. in the early morning, it should be switched on and before the evening it should be off.
  13. you can also keep the fish aquarium in the North East.
  14. always keep light color furniture in the office.
  15. on the east side of the table keep the visiting card of the office.
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