Vastu for Flats and Apartments

The Indian scriptures and ancient practices have gained popularity to identify the best places to build. Building flats and houses as per the Vastu rules help the residents to achieve greater happiness, good health, and prosperity. (Vastu for Flats and Apartments)
The following topic needs to be considered before buying any flat or apartment.
  1. The Five Elements of Vastu in your flat/Apartment.
  2. What if you have already bought a property?
  3. Vastu tips for choosing a flat/apartment.
Vastu for Flats and Apartments

#1.The Five Elements of Vastu in your Flats and Apartments 

While purchasing an apartment there are five elements that must be checked. It is important to verify that each of the 5 elements exists in their respective region. Such as Water in the northeast, Wind in the northwest, Fire in the southeast, Earth in the southwest, and space/sky in the center.

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For example, fire is the main element of the southern region. The main features of the South Zone are sleep and relaxation. Any imbalance in the region has a direct impact on the career, occupation, and monetary health of the residents.

#2.What if you have already bought a property?

In such cases, you can use Vastu-programming with modern architectural applications and techniques. you do not need to rebuild or demolish your property. By adopting some simple and effective Vastu remedies you can balance the elements in a particular area. The use of colors, shapes, lights, metals, and symbols is highly effective in this regard.

Vastu is nothing but the science of being in contact with positive energy. If you stay away from negative energy, then its effect will be clearly visible in your life. Vastu rules help us to increase positivity.

#3.Vastu tips for choosing a Flats and Apartments

The rules of Vastu should be kept in mind while constructing and buying the apartment or houses. If the Vastu is good, then positive energy flowing in the house. in case of any defect found then it may take a negative shape. Many times a person buying a flat gives priority to his budget. However, if Vastu rules are also taken care of then a lot of problems can be avoided. while choosing a flat or apartment you can secure your happiness by paying attention to a few things.

  1. Flat size should not be L-Shape or Triangular.
  2. There should be no electric pole and tree in front of the main gate of the house.
  3. If you see the toilet as soon as you enter the flat, then it signifies negative energy in the house.
  4. When making the color in the flat, use light and soothing colors such as white, yellow, green, blue, cream, or soft colors. But do not use gray, black, shiny, dark, fussy colors.
  5. It is very important to know about a toilet location. If your flat has a toilet in the North-East or Brahmsthan, do not buy such a flat. If you have already bought such a flat, then get advice from a Vastu Consultant. Buying such a flat could be worse.
  6. Also be aware that where you are buying a flat, there should not be a big hospital, crematorium, cemetery, slaughterhouse nearby. because the negative energy emanating from these places affects a large part.
  7. Remember that in any multi-story building, people living on the ground floor have the full effect of Vastu defects. The effect of these defects gradually decreases on the occupants of the upper floors.

Direction for Bedroom, Pooja room, kitchen, etc in Flats and apartments

  1. While purchasing a flat, first knowing its facing and entrance zone is essential. considering the Northeast direction for the main entrance is the most auspicious direction for an apartment.
  2. The electrical switchboard should be in the southeast zone.
  3. while sleeping the head should be towards the southern wall and the feet towards the north.
  4. The kitchen in the flat should be in the southeast direction. Because the south has a fire element.
  5. The kitchen should be built on any corner, but the gas stove should be in fire (east-south) angle or west direction.
  6. The balcony in the flat should be in the north, northeast direction to get the benefit of energy and light from the sun.
  7. The Pooja room should be in the North-East Direction. Apart from this, the pooja room can be placed in the Brahmsthan(Center of the house). Avoid southwest direction.
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