Study room: Vastu tips for success in studies

The study room is a part of the house where children can peacefully sit and educate themselves. Hence, all the essential elements should be present which can help them to concentrate on learning. An undisturbed study room may increase the ‘retention power of the brain’.
Many times, a child commits himself to the exam, but still, the result is not according to the expectations. Therefore, we believe that they must be surrounded by negative energies which constraints in their studies.
The positive energies in the study room create a pleasing atmosphere.
According to Vastu principles, A Study room should be placed at a proper location and direction. The cooperative guidelines may help children to get the ‘desired results in their studies.
  1. Study room direction as Vastu
  2. Vastu tips for success in studies 
  3. Vastu Painting/ Pictures for study room
  4. Study Table as Vastu
  5. Study room Vastu color
  6. Vastu tips for Study Room
Study room: Vastu tips for success in studies

#1. Study room direction as Vastu

Firstly, The study room should be kept in the West, Northwest or North directions. Secondly, the North and Northeast direction also can be considered as the second option. While studying one’s face should be towards the North or East direction. These directions are known sacred for higher studies. Furthermore, it could be bad if you do study by facing south, southeast, and southwest. The results may not be fruitful.

#2. Vastu tips for success in studies

An only a peaceful mind can achieve success in every field. Therefore, For calmness in the nature of the children, keep in mind that the study room should not be placed under the toilet in any condition. Due to this, a negative energy effect inside the room. Which hinders the attention of the child and increases the burden. Moreover, The study room should be airy with natural light as much as possible. Because natural light energizes the space and enhances positivity.

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#3. Vastu Painting/ Pictures for study room

Placing a picture of seven running horses in the study room inspires children towards the study. Apart from this, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati images can also be kept in the study room. However, it is highly recommended that do not keep any Pictures that depict war, fighting, and violent animals.

#4. Study Table as Vastu

The study table should always be clutter-free and clean. Add up a table lamp on the study table. By doing this, it produces an intellectual thought process in the child’s mind. Apart from this, there are numerous things we placed on the study table such as laptops, photo frames, books, etc. if we place them as per Vastu rules then they energized children’s learning process and boost their concentration.

#5. Study room Vastu color

Using green color on study room walls helps them to remain calm. it also helps them to be engaged more in their studies. Moreover, We should use light and neutral color shades on the wall. Such colors are Blue, sky blue, yellow, beige, etc.

#6. Vastu tips for Study Room

Things to follow

  1. Do not make a bookshelf above the study table.
  2. Keep a table lamp in the south-east direction.
  3. The computer should be placed in the South-east corner.
  4. Always keep organizing things on the study table.
  5. Do not use a ‘dark color’ in the study room use only light and soothing colors.
  6. Use a ‘square and rectangular shape study table. Avoid sharp edges.
  7. If possible, keep a ‘window and door’ in the east or north wall of the West direction’s room. Avoid keeping window and door in the South-east and South-West direction.

Children should not do study too long at night because there is a strong possibility of stress, irritability, anger, visual defects, stomach problems, etc. Morning Exact 4:00 clock is the best time to study. Because in the morning there is clean and positive energy transmission, which keeps both mind and body healthy.

Things to avoid

  1. The slope of the floor should be kept towards the east or north.
  2. Do not keep the study room higher or lower than the ground floor of other rooms.
  3. Wearing shoes, slippers and socks should not enter the study room.
  4. Avoid a study table and chair behind ‘the slab beam.
  5. Only meditation, spiritual reading, discussion, and study should be done in the study room. Do not discuss gossip, indulgence, and vulgar acts.
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