Things to check before buying a plot

Without any researches, Buying a new plot can be disappointed. Hence, there are various things that need to check before buying a plot whether you go for a Residential or commercial.

in this article, the following topic will cover for your reference:-

  1. Gomukhi and Shermukhi plots
  2. Things to check before buying a Plot
  3. Plot shapes as per Vastu

Things to check before buying a plot

#1.Gomukhi and Shermukhi Plots

There are two types of plot shapes that are considered lucky but depending on their use: –

1.Gomukhi (Cow-Faced) 

2.Shermukhi (Lion-faced)

A guide to buying a plot [Vastu RULES]

Gomukhi (Cow-Faced)

As you can see in the image Gomukhi plots shape is similar to Cow’s face. They are narrow from the front but broad from the rear. According to Vastu, the broad part should be laid in the North-East direction. Hence, avoid the narrow part of the plot should not lie in the Nort-East direction as it is believed inauspicious. Moreover, it is considered that Gomukhi plots are perfect for residential purposes. Because they are symbolizing the structure of a cow which holds spiritual importance according to Hindu scriptures.

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Furthermore, Gomukhi plot sizes should not be used for commercial use. It is believed that these types of plots can slow down the business. These plots’ sizes may unfavorable for commercial but favorable for Residents for residential purposes.

Shermukhi (Lion-faced)

As you can see from the image Shermukhi’s plot shape is similar to Lion’s face. They are broad in the front and narrow at the rear. Hence, These plot shapes should be used only for commercial purposes. Because a lion an animal is considered as a source of power, control, and efficiency. Moreover, It brings huge profits to businesses.

#2. Things to check before buying a Plot

[Things to follow]

  1. The plot should be bought in rectangular or square shape.
  2. Residents can buy a plot that has North-East extensions.
  3. Householders can have benefits if the north direction of the plot has any water bodies.
  4. Heavy open spaces available in the Northeast are considered extremely good and prosperous.
  5. The most auspicious plot can be considered if the plot has two roads on the north and east side.
  6. Hills or mounts or hill rocks in the South or Southwest direction will increase the financial strength.
  7. Plot slop should be maintained from South-west to Northeast. As it is considered a good for Healthy life. Moreover, Sloping towards West to East is also good for residential.

[Things to Avoid]

  1. Do not buy an irregular shape plot.
  2. Avoid Southeast and Southwest extended plots.
  3. Avoid heavy open space in the South or southwest zone.
  4. It is strongly recommended that do not ever buy Southwest plots.
  5. Do not buy such plots which have water bodies in the South, South-west, or South-east direction.
  6. Street focus southeast would be the reason for unnecessary conflicts between family members and raises health issues.
  7. Avoid any heavy parts in the North, North-East direction Such as Hill or mount or hillocks. As they are known to be financial status disturbing plots.

#3. Plots Shapes as per Vastu

According to Vastu Science,  It is believed that avoid plot sizes which are circular, triangular, oval, and other irregular shapes. Moreover, Do not buy any plots nearby Industries or factories which can be the reason for disturbance in your daily life.
In case if you live in irregular shape plots then the following Vastu effect may have been seen in life.
The shape of the plot

Effects on Human’s life

 Square (all corners should be at 90°  angle) Benefits in health, wealth, and happiness.
 Rectangular plots Considered Very auspicious and prosperous for family.
 Roll Shaped plots The owner of the house has to face poverty.
 Odd /irregularly shaped plots Can Causes of problems and issues.
 Three-cornered Shaped plots Can slow down the Progress especially in Government works
 Pellet Drum (Damru Type) Causes Health issues and family disputes
Hexagon shaped plot Should be followed Vastu rules it helps to develop family progress.
 Elliptical plot (a regular oval-shaped)  It can be caused by Loss in finances and respect.
Polygonal plot Should be avoided because it will bring false allegations.
Octagonal Very auspicious and will bring prosperity and harmony.
Pot type plot Family members have to face problems and obstacles to progress.
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