Vastu For Kitchen: Best direction, Bad effects and their Remedies

Designing a kitchen as per Vastu rules is as much important as the food we cooked to eat. Vastu Shastra guidelines are not only for getting the right way to place the kitchen at home. But also have some guidelines which bring good taste to food. (Vastu For Kitchen: Best direction, Bad effects, and their Remedies)
The kitchen is kind of a place where water and fire both elements exist. We wash utensils in the sink and we cook food on a gas burner. If water and fire exist in the same place, then it becomes a big challenge for Vastu to organize them.
The kitchen is the most useful part of the house where housewives spend most of the time preparing nutritious food for all family members. I must tell you if the kitchen would not be as Vastu rules then the one who works in the kitchen has to face some troubles and issues.
Kindly go through the following topics to know how kitchen Vastu defects impact us and how to solve them.
  1. The Best location for kitchen in the house
  2. North-east Kitchen is good or Bad?
  3. North-east kitchen Vastu remedies
  4. South-west kitchen is good or bad?
  5. Kitchen Items location
  6. Vastu tips for Kitchen
Vastu For Kitchen: Best direction, Bad effects and Remedies

#1. The Best location for kitchen in the house

  1. The best place for the kitchen in the house is the ‘South-East’ zone. Because of the fire(agneya) exist in SE direction.
  2. North-west direction can be considered as a second option for kitchen in the House.
  3. if you have a Kitchen in the Southeast direction then a door should be kept in the North, East, or in the Northeast direction with the clockwise opening.
  4. While cooking, a lady should face towards the East direction. it brings good nutrition to family members.
  5. While cooking Face towards West direction creates some health issues.
Vastu For Kitchen: Best direction, Bad effects and Remedies

#2. North-east Kitchen is good or Bad?

Having a Kitchen in the Northeast direction is not auspicious as Vastu rules. Hence, a kitchen should not be placed there. Unfortunately, if you have a kitchen in the NE direction then the following effects arise.
  1. financial troubles.
  2. It also affects the health of family members.
  3. Negative impact on the education of the children.
  4. The relationship between husband and wife can also be bad.
  5. The house always gets dirty.
  6. Women who live in the house always feel depressed.

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#3. North-east kitchen Vastu remedies

There are some Vastu tips if your kitchen is in the Northeast direction. we have Given some ways you can reduce your troubles:
  1. The gas burner and stove should be placed in the southeast direction of your kitchen.
  2. Always keep the north-east direction of the kitchen clean.
  3. If the window is in the northeast corner, keep it open at all times.
  4. Place a picture of Mata Annapurna in the northeast corner of the Kitchen.
  5. Place the Siddha Vastu Kalash in the northeast. And, worship Lord Shiva daily.

#4. South-west kitchen is good or bad?

The South-west is the most important direction of the house. This direction is ruled by Rahu (a demon). Rahu controls health, luck, stability, and money. Moreover, the South-West is an ideal zone for the Master bedroom. Therefore, Having a kitchen should be avoided. if you have the kitchen in this direction then the following Vastu tips can help to resolve the harmful effects.
  1. Place the stove in the southeast direction of the kitchen.
  2. Get the walls of the kitchen painted yellow.
  3. Use less water inside the kitchen. if possible Wash used utensils outside the kitchen.
  4. The kitchen floor should be higher than NorthEast direction.

#5. Kitchen Items location

According to Vastu, a dining table should not be kept in the kitchen. However, if you like to have it in the kitchen, then, you can keep it in the west or northwest direction.
  1. The stove and cylinder should be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen.
  2. If you have a microwave, place it in the southeast direction.
  3. Always keep your grains in the southwest direction of the kitchen.
  4. Never keep a stove in the middle of the kitchen.
  5. Keep in mind that if your kitchen tap is leaking, get it repaired immediately.
  6. The sink for washing the dishes should be kept in the northwest direction.

#6. Vastu tips for Kitchen

  1. Bringing slippers or shoes from outside in the kitchen increases negative energy.
  2. if you are going to renovate your kitchen by adding a window. then, make it in the East Direction.
  3. Do not keep any pictures of deities in the kitchen.
  4. Make sure the kitchen door should not be facing the Toilet door.
  5. When making a shelf in the kitchen, make sure it should be in green color.
  6. Do not keep the broom in the kitchen. as it may affect the health of the family members.
  7. Having an open kitchen in the living room is the main reason in modern days for Disputes and conflicts in the family.
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