Car Parking: Vastu Tips for your Vehicle safety

In today’s era, most people prefer to follow Vastu precautions whether it is about the house direction or keeping things in the house. Similarly, A Particular space is required for parking so that our cars can safely park. However, It would be a major fault if you have built an entire house but forget about making a parking space.  Almost every middle-class family gets one or more cars. The problem of parking is seen everywhere, but we should never take carelessness.
The Vastu principles should be applied to both porch and garages so that any unforeseen trouble can be avoided. According to Vastu principals, We all must pay attention to our vehicle – Our priority is to protect our car so that we can enjoy its ride. Following Vastu rules helps us to maintain the balance between nature and its requirements.
  1. Car parking Northwest Vastu
  2. Car Parking Vastu Tips
  3. Benefits of following Vastu tips for Parking
  4. losses if unfollowing Vastu for Parking
Car Parking: Vastu Tips for your Vehicle safety

#1. Car parking Northwest Vastu

The northwest direction is considered good for Car parking. if you have the main entrance in the northwest direction then you can safely park your car on the porch. Additionally, if you have a separate entrance then you can design a garage by providing a particular way towards it. However, making a garage is only possible when you have a proper planned architectural plan.

Moreover, The garage wall color should be white, yellow, or any light color. Garage roof slab slop should be towards south to north and west to east. make sure garage walls should not be touched with the compound wall. if possible park a car facing towards East or North.

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#2. Car Parking Vastu Tips

  1. It is recommended to have a pooja ceremony whenever you buy a new car.
  2. Car parking can also be kept in the Southeast direction. However, Avoid parking in the south-west direction.
  3. Do not park the vehicle in a place that has a beam on its roof. Stand it apart from the beam.
  4. The floor of the vehicle’s location should not be too smooth.
  5. The east and north directions can be used for small vehicle parking. Larger vehicles like four-wheelers should not be parked in the north-eastern direction. it increases the possibility of economic loss.
  6. While parking avoids vehicle face towards the south direction. it does not give full benefit of traveling, and maintenance of the vehicle May also increase.
  7. If you are going to build a shed of metal or fiber for parking, make sure that it is not in the North-East zone. Also, the parking shed should not touch the house. At the same time, the shed’s slope should always be in the north or east direction.
  8. Those who do business should park the vehicle facing towards the north. This will help them to get good deals in business, people who do the job should park the front of their vehicle facing east. This will increase their work capacity.

#3. Benefits of following Vastu tips for car parking

  • Safe tours and travel.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Successful Continuous tours (especially beneficial for leaders, social workers)
  • Economic Growth and success in business, especially for traders.

#4. Losses if unfollowing Vastu for car parking

  • Fear of accidents and mishappening.
  • Excessive expenses in maintenance of personal convenience.
  • Frequent Quarrels with neighbors.
  • The car always stays in one place.
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