Living room: Vastu friendly Decorative ideas

A Living room is called the ‘Heart of the house’. Because all the family members love to unite there and spend some quality time together. Nearly all families gather in this place and discuss a lot about their life. That is why it is very important to keep this room full of positive energies. There are many Vastu tips that can help to organize a positive atmosphere in your living room.

  1. The best direction for living room as per Vastu
  2. Living room Decorative ideas as per Vastu
  3. Vastu pictures for living room
Living room: Vastu friendly Decorative ideas

#1. The best direction for living room as per Vastu

Basically, it depends on the main entrance of the house. For example, in East facing houses, the living room should be Either in the East or North-East direction. For West facing houses, it should be kept in the Northwest direction. Moreover, If the house is facing south, then the Living room should be in the southeast direction. the following picture clearly illustrates the best direction for a Living room in the Architectural plan.
Living room: Vastu friendly Decorative ideas

#2. Living room Decorative ideas as per Vastu

Water Fountain & Aquarium

if you have a living room in the Northeast direction then it would be the best choice to place water fountains or aquariums there. However, As per the Vastu rules it should be made of copper, glass, stone, stainless steel, clay, or bamboo. By keeping it, the Soft sound of the water splashes pleases the human mind. However, you should always avoid installing this in the south direction.

Seating arrangement in Living room

The seating arrangement should be in such a position in which the head of the family sits in the Southwest direction of the Living room. So that while seating they can face North-East or East direction. Which is considered auspicious and enhances good relations among family members.

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Tv position in the living room as per Vastu

It’s been advised that all electrical appliances should be installed in the Southeast direction of the house as much as possible. Because the Fire element exists in the SE direction. Similarly, Television is also a part of the electricity and it should be placed in the SouthEast direction of the living room.

Living room furniture

Heavy furniture such as showcases, cupboards, and sofas can be placed in the south, west, or Southwest direction of the living room. Make sure, Furniture should be made of wood material only.


If you live in a cold area and want to set up a fireplace, then it is good to choose the South-east or Northwest direction. However, Avoid south-west and north-east directions for the fireplace.

#3. Vastu Pictures for Living room

Vastu Shastra has some specific rules about pictures for the living room. If you are going to buy some new collection then it would be good to follow the Vastu guidelines:

  1. The Eastern wall should be decorated with a picture of the Rising Sun. It is also considered good to decorate the walls with some pictures of fruits and flowers.
  2. If you like to place some divine pictures in the living room, then the Northeast direction is best for setting them up.
  3. Never keep negative pictures in the living room, such as the Taj Mahal, Mahabharata, or a picture of a thorny plant.
  4. Do not keep pictures of wild animals, crying children, naked children, battle scenes, Gods and trees, etc.
  5. Keep a high mountain or flying bird’s pictures behind the seat of the family’s head in the living room. Such pictures add confidence and morale. 
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