Septic Tank: Vastu tips for all directions

In ancient times, The practice of open toilets was found in all places in India. Due to which many types of diseases used to prevail in our society. There are several Vastu rules for septic tanks that may help to build a Vastu-friendly septic tank. In which we can understand the right direction and position for a septic tank in our house.
  1. Septic tank location as per Vastu
  2. Avoid Septic tank directions
  3. How to close septic tank as per Vastu
  4. How to construct a new septic tank as per Vastu 
  5. Vastu tips for Septic tank
Septic Tank: Vastu tips for all directions

#1. Septic Tank Location

Firmly, I believe that no one would prefer to live where negative energies existing. Therefore, it is very important to understand the right direction of the septic tank in the house. Firstly, the North -West direction is considered the best direction. Secondly, make sure the third part of the northwest direction is the correct location of the Septic tank as Per Vastu rules. However, Some people do mistakes when they place it in the exact northwest corner which is a totally wrong position as per the vastu rules.

#2. Avoid Septic tank directions

Septic tank in Brahmshan

The center of the house is called a Brahmsthan which has to build the holiest place. Therefore, building septic tanks here can cause illness, planetary collision, and sudden death.

Septic tank in North-East

The northeast is the second most auspicious place in the house. Where we can peacefully sit, worship, and meditate. Furthermore, this place in Vastu has been determined to be a temple or living area. Hence, having a septic tank in this direction raises financial disturbance and health issues especially among women. Moreover, Avoid the Northeast and east direction for a septic tank.

Septic Tank in South -West

A septic tank should not be built in the South, Southeast, and Southwest direction. it may cause legal issues in life, especially within couples.

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#3. How to close the Septic tank as per Vastu

if you are willing to move your septic tank to its correct location then there are few things that need to be followed. while removing the old location of the septic tank, first you have to clean the space completely with help of the labor. Then, a pooja ceremony should be done by a pandit or Brahmin by following proper rituals. You can worship Hanuman Chalisa to make the place pure.

#4. How to construct new Septic tank as per Vastu

As we have discussed that the third part of the northwest direction is the correct location of the septic tank as Vastu. However, Before start construction, the following things should be followed.

  1. It should be constructed below the plinth level of the house.
  2. Make sure the compound wall should not be touched with the septic tank.
  3. A septic tank should be constructed at least 2′-0″ away from the house wall. So that your walls will not be get affected by moisture.
  4. The outlet of the tank should be followed by only the North or West direction. Hence, Avoid the South, Southwest, and Southeast direction.
  5. Dimension of the tank should in such a position that the length should be followed from East to West direction and breadth from north to south.

#5. Vastu tips for Septic tank

  1. Only one septic tank is enough for one house.
  2. It should not be made below the toilet and kitchen.
  3. Temples should not be kept in such a place where septic tanks are made.
  4. Having a septic tank under the stairs would not good for the children.
  5. A septic tank is can be more beneficial if built outside the house.
  6. The pipe coming from the toilet to the septic tank should not come from the East direction.
  7. There should not be a septic tank below any bed. in this case, the member sleeping on that bed may suffer from chronic diseases.
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