Staircase: Vastu tips for inside and outside Stairs

Vastu Shastra has given its opinion regarding the best direction of placing stairs in the house. Having stairs in the Wrong direction of the house can be a Vastu Defect. it could spoil the source income of the breadwinner. Due to which family members may have to face a financial crisis.

#1. Which side is best for Staircase?

The perfect location for stairs is considered either the Exact South or West direction of the plot. Moreover, People often used to build a bathroom, pooja room or kitchen behind the stairs. Which is considered inauspicious as Vastu. The space behind the stairs can only be used for common household items. However, keeping valuable items such as jewellery and cabinets should be avoided.
Furthermore, It is important to have odd numbers steps for the internal and external staircase. While constructing stairs, make sure Northern and eastern walls should not be touched with the stairs.
Staircase: Vastu tips for inside and outside Stairs

#2. Vastu tips for inside and outside Staircase

Things to Avoid

  1. Do not build any small room behind the stairs.
  2. Avoid making round and wavy-shaped steps of the stairs.
  3. Worshipping by someone under the stairs can cause loss of Money.
  4. Avoid keeping shoes, sandal racks, or cupboards under the stairs.
  5. Avoid vibrant and dark colour around the stairs. Use only light colours.
  6. Stairs should never be built right in front of the main entrance of the house. because it distracts the positive energy of the house.
  7. Health problems arise due to the construction of steps in the center of the house which is called Brahmsathan.
  8. Avoid making steps in the northeast direction. This can lead to serious diseases related to the brain and heart.

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Things to Follow

  1. As far as possible try to make straight steps.
  2. For career growth having Clockwise stairs is considered good.
  3. it is advisable to keep landing in the middle of the stairs instead of Winders.
  4. The space under the stairs should always be open and clean.
  5. Doors should be kept at the beginning and the end of the stairs.
  6. Internal stairs should be kept in such a position where visitors are unable to see them.
  7. Darkness under the stairs is a sign of Negativity. Place a small bulb to keep always lightning.
  8. According to Vastu Shastra, the number of steps should always be odd such as 11, 13, 15, etc.
  9. If the steps of your house are broken or cracked, get them repaired immediately. because it is a sign of something inauspicious.
  10. Due to lack of space, if steps cannot be straightened, then make sure while climbing, it should be clockwise in the direction of south and west.
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