Vastu Guidelines for Basement Construction

We have seen so many changes in the form of building construction. Due to the high prices of the property, plot sizes getting smaller day by day. Most notable changes found in the construction of the basement. Due to lack of space, people often build floors below the ground floor.
In the context of Vastu, While designing a basement special care has to be taken. Because the construction of any kind of space under any residential building is not considered auspicious in Vastu. Therefore, it is highly recommended that add basements in residential places only when it is necessary. otherwise, it should be avoided as per the Vastu rules. if you want to build this kind of house, then do it only by applying Vastu rules.

#1. How to construct a Basement

Basement construction is more common in warm and tropical regions. The small vents are attached to the ground floor of the main building. According to natural laws, the basement blocks the sun’s rays and the flow of air. Neither fresh air nor sun energy gets from it. It is advisable to build a basement only under special circumstances.

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If the basement is to be built, then the fourth part of its depth should be above ground.  The depth of the basement should not be more than 10-12 feet, out of which three to four feet above the earth should come up. so that windows can be placed around it for light and air.

#2. Vastu for Basement

According to Vastu Science, The basement should never be constructed in the entire plot of the building. The basement should be made on half or less of the total construction area. Also, keep in mind that the northern and eastern part of the building, being lower and lighter than the southern and western part is considered auspicious. Therefore, it is always best to build the basement in the north and east of the building.

The basement built in the middle or south and west direction of the plot can be very disappointed for the family members. If a building already has a basement in the southwest direction, then heavy goods or garages should be made there.

Vastu Guidelines for Basement Construction


#3. Vastu Tips for Basement 

Things to Follow

  1. Basement can be constructed in the North direction.
  2. Use the basement only for storage purposes.
  3. Make the basement either square or rectangular.
  4. Keep the basement roof at least 9 feet high.
  5. Keep the basement roof at least 3 feet high from the ground floor.
  6. Make a special arrangement of skylight for natural light and air.
  7. Even if you do not live in it, but always keep it clean and tidy.
  8. A staircase for entering and moving in the basement is considered to give benefits in Vastu from the northeast angle or east direction.
  9. To increase the level of positive energy, the basement should be painted white, light yellow, green, or light pink. The use of dark colors should be avoided.
  10. East of basement, north and north-east angle should be kept empty and clean. It is also considered auspicious to install windchime on the main entrance of the basement.
  11. For business purposes heavy goods or machines etc. should be placed in the south-west (south-west) direction of the basement. Whereas the goods to be kept for sale should be placed in the north-west (air) direction of the basement. If it should be in the east direction or fire angle.
Vastu Guidelines for Basement Construction

Things to Avoid

  1. Do not build the basement entrance from the southwest corner.
  2. If the plot is small, do not take any part of the basement in Brahmasthan.
  3. It would be inappropriate to keep its entrance in the south or south-west.
  4. Do not use it for living, sleeping, reading, or any other activity.
  5. Avoid keeping heavy goods in the north and east directions of the basement.
  6. Never use it for garbage or junk.
  7. Do not keep the cellar closed for a long time.

The basement sometimes gives very good results, sometimes it gives very serious results. Therefore, before constructing the basement in the building, please consult the advice of a Vastu expert.

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