10 important things ensure before hiring a contractor

10 important things ensure before hiring a contractor

#1. Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a good contractor for construction is not easy as it seems. Proper knowledge is must require while contractor selection for all types of construction works. Otherwise, you may have to suffer unsatisfying work or delay in the project. Therefore, before hiring a contractor there are several things that should be kept in mind for optimum construction results. Such things are like skills, experience, and work records should be checked properly.

#2. Check record by visiting the constructed site

Firstly, it is necessary to visit the recently constructed places to check the quality of the work. If possible, evaluate the project which may be completed several years earlier. By doing this, you can check the quality of the material which was used. Besides, you can talk with the homeowner about the contractor’s behavior during the construction. Similarly, running projects should be visited for evaluation. Basically, you are doing this process to understand the behavior of the contractor and the quality of the work the way they are providing.

#3. Hire an only licensed contractor

While hiring a contractor, make sure a licensed contractor must have all the necessary documents. Because there are huge numbers of contractors are doing their business without a license in the market. A licensed contractor can be verifying by the state regulatory agency. It will help you to check the record of the contractor and filed complaints against them.

#4. Get help from the hired architect

For better understanding, you can conduct an interview with the help of an architect you may hire. If you have a little experience regarding construction, then you can do this by yourself. However, an Architect can easily understand by asking questions regarding subcontractor, labor rate, material specification, completion, and so on.

#5. Get quotation from the other contractors

Do not stick with one contractor. Deal with at least two to three contractors and get quotations from them. You should compare per Sq.ft  rate list with each other. If you find any suitable rate according to your budget, then work quality is important to check for satisfaction. Because of lower prices contractors may work with unskilled labor and low-quality material.

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#6. Give first priority to a local contractor

While selecting a quotation preferable to you, make sure the contractor’s office should close to the construction site. So that they can easily available whenever you need them. During construction, the labor shortage is the major problem that is often seen. If they are near the construction site, they can provide extra labor in emergency time. The more they pay attention to the work the more chances of work completed is on time.

#7. Check the market reputation of the contractor

Additionally, you can do enquire to verify the contractor record from the supplier. It is very important that the contractor must have a current account from where he managed his all expenses. if he has not, then you must know that how they manage their payment method. There can be several reasons such as he has just started his business or financial problem.

#8. Signed Contract agreement

After done all, a contract agreement must be signed by the contractor and the client. An agreement should be clearly mentioned the detail of the work. Such as time schedule, material specification, rates, payment method, and so on. All terms and conditions should be specified in the presence of the client and contractor. Do not fix agreement verbally in order to avoid any conflicts later.

#9. Detailed contract agreement

Making an agreement is an important part of the construction. Therefore, from contractor’s office address to the brand of the material should be mentioned in the contract. Make sure first understand all the terms and conditions then the process of the signing document should be done.

#10. The most important stage of the contract agreement

The payment schedule is the most important stage of the contract agreement. Otherwise, it will be caused a delay in the work. Stage-wise payment should be done and ensure that work should be completed as per the fixed stages. If possible you can take the help of the architect to check the quality and the quantity of the work.

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