How to get rid of bad smell from Bathroom

Taking a bath in a cleaned bathroom gives you a fresh kick for the full day. However, An uncleaned bathroom can reduce the freshness and coolness. Moreover, a bathroom full of dirty smells can increase the growth of bad bacteria and creates an unpleasant atmosphere. Which does not let you enjoy the delight of taking bath. (How to get rid of bad smell from Bathroom)

In this article, you will come to know that how to eliminate the bad odor from the bathroom and make a clean and pleasant bathroom.

  1. A proper provision of ventilation
  2. Air freshener for bathrooms
  3. Wash bathroom walls regularly
  4. Clean bathroom floor regularly
  5. Use bowl cleaner
  6. Clean clogged drains
  7. Other Bathroom cleaning tips

How to get rid of bad smell from Bathroom

#1. A proper provision of Ventilation

Because of the presence of Moisture in the air, it creates mildew in your bathroom. Mildew grew in a damp environment which makes it difficult to breathe. Therefore, a window and ventilation must be provided in the bathroom. Installing an exhaust fan can minimize moisture by proper air circulation.

#2. Air freshener for bathrooms

It becomes very uncomfortable when you enter your bathroom and feel foul smells. Due to the lots of moisture, it creates unhygienic conditions which makes you uncomfortable at times. It may adversely affect your health. In order to avoid this situation, you can use an air freshener which is easily available everywhere. Place it inside your bathroom next time you won’t feel any undesirable odor in your bathroom.

#3. Wash bathroom walls regularly

It is very important to get rid of bathroom walls from mildew and dirt. Similarly, other parts should also be kept clean as much as possible such as floor tiles, washbasins, vanities, counters, and so on. A dirty bathroom can be serious affected the health of the occupants. In order to clean them, you can use warm water by mixing bleaching powder. Clean it until dirt never gets completely removed. After that surface should be washed with clean water and dry with a coarse cloth.

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#4. Clean bathroom floor regularly

Bathroom floors required regular cleaning every day. Otherwise, it becomes unhygienic if it is not cleaned. It must be cleaned to remove decaying things. The floor should be mopped with detergent soap and water.

#5. Use Bowl Cleaner

The unpleasant smell mostly comes from water closets. Besides, Toilet bowls are also another reason for bathroom odor. However, we can prevent this by using Bowl cleaner. It can be applied inner side and outer side of the water closets. After applying you have to rub it with a toilet brush and clean it with a paper towel. Make sure the flush pipe and flushing cistern should be cleaned properly.

#6. Clean clogged drains

It is common to see sometimes bathroom drains clogged up due to hair fall and other gunk. It has to be flushing daily with water to prevent drains from clogging. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to clean up the drains. Besides, use a plunger to unclog the drain in case water receding slowly.

#7.  Other Bathroom cleaning tips (How to get rid of bad smell from Bathroom)

  1. After taking a bath bathroom should be cleaned and its useable things regularly.
  2. An old toothbrush can be used to clean the sink edges, fixtures, and other accessories.
  3. Ensure that the product you are using for cleaning should be biodegradable and Eco friendly.
  4. While using chemical products wear recommended gloves and aprons.
  5. While sanitary fitting P trap must be used in floor traps in order to avoid bathroom odor.
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