Vastu for Factory: Tips for Site selection and Industry growth

There are various types of factories such as manufacturing sheds, mills, industries, and so on. Special care needs to be taken while Factory construction especially in Vastu shastra. Vastu Shastra is one such scripture that mentions many measures for not only a home but also in business progress. There are many rules stated in Vastu for happiness and prosperity.

Vastu Principles must be followed In order to avoid problems like financial crisis and work strategy. If the factory is Vastu agreed, then the chances of benefits in business are increases. If it is not, then it may interrupt the industry growth in many ways.

In this article, the following Vastu topics will discuss for Factories.

  1. Benefits of applying Vastu in factories
  2. What if Vastu neglect in factories
  3. Vastu tips for Site selection for factories
  4. Vastu tips for Facories

Vastu for Factory: Tips for Site selection and Industry growth

#1. Benefits of Applying Vastu in Factories

The most neglected detail in factories is found which is related to ‘the movement of workers and placement of material’. A running factory has to go through tough times when they come to critical situations. There are various fields in factories such as Labor, local administrator, labor inspector, and so on. Besides, suppliers and buyers are also a crucial part of factories. I would not say that you will get rid of all the problems-Problems are part of life. However, all we can do is, face those problems with cheerfully mind so that we can enjoy our growth.

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When you will find yourself magically free from worries then you will be able to think of new experiments for new ventures. Therefore, we receive positive energies like Prosperity from the North-East direction. And, Business relations increases from the North direction.

Similarly, Stability comes from the South-west and Respect from the East direction. The West and Northwest directions help in solving Government-related tasks within time bond. But make sure all these directions need to be balanced properly as per Vastu rules by Vastu Expert.

#2. What if Vastu Neglect in Factories?

Factories are built to boost production so that our business spreading far and wide to make maximum profit.  However, often people do not take special care of Vastu while building a factory. Due to which they have to face a lack of productivity and the business also goes into loss. Therefore, Vastu tips can help you to avoid Vastu defects so that your business can grow rapidly.
Vastu for Factory: Tips for Site selection and Industry growth

 #3. Vastu tips for site selection for Factories

Firstly, while Starting a new construction of the factory first understand some basic points relating to Vastu Shastra. These points also applicable when looking for a new plot for settling a new industry.
  1. The surrounding area of the plot must be analyzed by a Vastu expert for good site selection.
  2. The Shermukhi land (whose front is wide and the back is Small) is considered auspicious.
  3. Without any slop, plain land is considered good for construction.
  4. Undulating land should be leveled properly, then construction should be started.
  5. Having a river or any water bodies in the North-East direction of the plot is considered auspicious. Avoid any water bodies if they are in the Southeast, South, and Southwest.

#4. Vastu Tips For Factories

  1. To make more profits from factories Choose only North, Northeast and East entrances.
  2. If possible then place the main gate of the factory in the East direction.
  3. To dispatch material in a short time, make provision of goods in North-west direction.
  4. An ideal place for the workshop for heavy items is the South-west direction.
  5. Raw material and Heavy machinery can be kept in the South-west corner.
  6. Do not place any equipment or any wall in the center of the plot.
  7. Borewell and tube well should be placed in the northeast.
  8. All electrical equipment such as generators, boilers should be kept in the South-east direction.
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