Bedroom Vastu for couples and other tips

Bedrooms are playing a very significant role in life. As we all start our day and end up by taking good sleep to collect the energy for the next day. Therefore, The bedrooms are not only for privacy. We almost spend half of our lives there. By adopting Vastu Shastra we can make such an atmosphere in our bedroom which will take us towards happiness. 

in this article, The following topics are going to discuss as per Vastu.

  1. Bedroom location as per Vastu
  2. The best location for sleeping as per Vastu
  3. Vastu tips for bedroom attachments
  4. things should be avoided in the bedroom
  5. Bedroom Vastu couples


Bedroom Vastu for couples and other tips

#1. Bed Room Location as per Vastu

Master Bedroom Location as Per Vastu

The master bedroom should always be in the South-west corner and occupy by the head of the family. Because The southwest corner is an ideal place for Master bedrooms. That is why it should not be kept as an empty place.

Study Room Location as per Vastu

Having a Study room in the West direction of the house provided the best results for children in their studies.

Bedroom in the South-east direction

The bedroom in the South-east is considered best for unmarried girls. Because It is believed that one can get bridegroom as per their choice.

Bedroom in the North and North-East direction as per Vastu

it is advisable that the newly married couple should avoid sleeping in the North and North-East bedroom. However, in case you have a bedroom in the said direction then old aged people can sleep there.

Bedroom Vastu for couples and other tips

#2. The best direction for sleeping  as per Vastu

East Direction

While Sleeping a person’s Head keeping towards in the East direction, increases persistency.

West direction

It is being said that sleeping one’s head towards the West directions gets the high status in society.

South Direction  

As per Vastu while sleeping a person’s Head towards the south direction brings prosperity and opulence.

North Direction

The one thing needs to make sure that one should not sleep keeping head towards the north direction. Because by doing this you are facing the south direction which is held by Yama(Lord of Death). it can cause bad dreams, Heaviness in the chest, and heart-related problems.

Vastu Tips for Good Sleep

  1. Do not sleep keeping your head towards the door facing. As it can give you nightmares.
  2. If the bed is under the beam then you may have sleeping issues.
  3. Never keep a jug of water in the South-East direction.
  4. Dark-colored furniture should be avoided for the bedroom.

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#3. Vastu tips for Bedroom attachments

  1. The door of the bathroom should always be kept closed.
  2. The attached Storeroom size should be in a rectangular shape.
  3. East or North walls are considered good for window placements.
  4. The bedroom doors opening should always keep in a “clockwise direction”.
  5. Avoid window or place a small size window on the “South and south-west walls”.
  6. Make sure that the bathroom door should not be direct to the main door of the bedroom.
  7. Heavy equipment, wardrobes, shelves, or almirah should be placed in the South-West corner of the master bedroom.
  8. For the main entrance of the bedroom, the door should be placed on the North and East walls. Avoid South, south-west, and West walls.

#4. Things should be avoided in the Bedroom

  1. The area surrounding the bed should be cleaned regularly. However, if the dirt remains under the bed, then it may cause a negative impact on the health of the family members.
  2.  The bed should not be seen directly from the outside of the door. If your room is small and the bed cannot shift then hang a curtain on the door.
  3. Avoid keeping such things in the bedroom which makes noises. Such as – radio, TV, or any other musical instrument. Place only a wind chime in your bedroom where the wind blows.
  4. Never place a mirror in front of the bed. Besides, make sure while sleeping any body part does not reflect in the mirror. if possible remove mirrored dressing table from the room. Also, make sure the Tv screen and computer screen not working as a mirror in your room.

#5. Bedroom Vastu for couples

In the master bedroom, your bed should be kept in the south or southwest zone. However, avoid South- South-West direction. Furthermore, For a better understanding, the wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband. Besides, Make sure the bedroom should be painted in light colors only. such as off-white, baby pink, cream color, and so on.

Moreover, If you’re interested in keeping showpieces or art, make sure you don’t keep solitary objects. Such as a lonely animal or a lonely bird. Always keep in pairs such as pigeons or ideal pairs such as Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. Make sure that the Northeast zone of your room should be cleaned properly.


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