Money Plant Benefits

Umpteen people prefer planting money plants in their house. Because money plant is such a plant, which brings happiness, peace and wealth are also attained. However, if you have planted it in the wrong direction then you may also suffer financially. According to the scriptures, the money plant is considered a very auspicious plant. (Money Plant Benefits)

in this article, we are going to explain what are the benefits of setting up a money plant and in which direction it should be planted.

Money Plant Benefits

Vastu direction for placing a money plant in the house

The southeast direction is considered most auspicious for planting a money plant. Owing to the fact that the Southeast direction is held by Goddess Lakshmi.  By applying it in this direction, Positive energy enters the house. Besides happiness and prosperity also resides in the house. Additionally, you can also place it in the North direction which is held by Lord Kuber. Therefore, it should be placed in a blue bottle which represents the water element.

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Furthermore, The very useful thing about this plant is that it can be easily planted in the courtyard and anywhere in the house. Moreover, It can also be planted in water and its maintenance does not require much effort. But make sure that it requires special care when you place it in the sunlight and it should be changed every week.

Directions to be avoided for keeping Money Plant

It is suggested that never place money plant in North-East and East-West direction. It may spoil the relationship between husband and wife and negative energy enters the house. The Money plant not only brings wealth in the house but also brings sweetness in relationships.

Money Plant Benefits

  1. Money plant also removes the Vastu defects of the house.
  2. This plant can remove negative energy from the house and brings positive energy.
  3. It can also be used for home decoration. The green beauty of this plant easily attracts anyone.
  4. Its biggest advantage is that the problem of money never comes in the house where money plant is planted.
  5. The right direction of this plant is important because it increases love by eliminating the stress between husband and wife.
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