Vastu Tips for Name plate design

Vastu shastra is a set of a study which can be applied in every part of the house. Similarly, while designing nameplates these rules can also be implemented on it. By setting up a nameplate we can give the right direction to our house to the people. The nameplate also attracts positive energy along with enhancing the beauty of the main door. Therefore, before placing the nameplates we need to make sure that what Vastu things are important. (Vastu Tips for Name plate design) 

in this article, the following topics are going to discuss

  1. Size of the nameplate as Vastu
  2. Avoid these things in front of the nameplate
  3. Pictures need to be avoided on the nameplate
  4. Things to follow while fixing nameplate

Vastu Tips for Name plate design

#1. Size of the nameplate as Vastu 

Circular, triangular, or five cornered are preferable shapes according to Vastu shastra. While fixing nameplates make sure that it should be fixed properly so that it does not fall. Moreover, any kind of pole or tree having in front of the nameplate is considered inauspicious so avoid it.

#2. Avoid these things in front of the nameplate

Do not keep such items in front of the nameplates which are used for house cleaning. The electric pole is also a source of negative energies which need to be fixed away from the main door and nameplates.

if it is not possible then fix the nameplate in such a position where the electric pole never comes in front of the nameplate.  Also, Keep in mind that the nameplate should not be broken and blurred.

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#3. Pictures need to be avoided on the nameplate

Some people design nameplates with pictures of the deities. which is not acceptable according to Vastu shastra.  Besides, avoid using pictures of animals and birds as they considered inauspicious.

Moreover, on the nameplate, there should not be any kind of hole in it.

#4. Things to follow while fixing nameplate (Vastu Tips for Name plate design)

  1. There should never be two nameplates together.
  2. There should be no dust, dirt, webs, etc. on the nameplate.
  3. Nameplates should always be readable, clear, and eye-catching
  4. If black ants roam on the nameplate then it is considered very auspicious.
  5. The nameplate should be large enough to be read from a distance of one or two feet.
  6. If the main door is towards the South or East direction then use a wooden nameplate.
  7. The letters on the nameplate should not fall or break as it is considered inauspicious according to Vastu.
  8. Ensure that behind the nameplate, lizards or any kind of creatures should not be able to make their shelter.
  9. The color of the nameplate should be according to the zodiac sign of the owner in the house, as they are the owners of the house.
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