Vastu tips for business growth

Vastu shastra is playing a very crucial role in relation to home, shop, and even in relatives and friends. if any building constructed with Vastu rules then prosperity and peace always remain. (Vastu tips for business growth)

Apart from home, People also pay full attention to shops and businesses. As they generate a great source of income from their business for a good lifestyle. If the business goes well, it makes profits in millions. But if it goes into loss, then it can cause a financial crisis.

Sometimes even after working hard day and night, success is not achieved. There can be many reasons for this, the biggest reason could be the wrong Vastu of the building. Due to the negative energies existence, the business could not be extended and you are not able to get the maximum benefits.

in this article, we will explain some Vastu solutions to business problems that hurdle in business growth.

  1. Reason of facing business loss
  2. Legal Disputes in Business
  3. Labor Problems and Solutions
  4. Keep the northeast direction clean and clutter-free
  5. Accidents and Solutions with Employees
  6. Vastu measures to save the business


Vastu tips for business growth

#1. Reason of facing business loss

If you are facing loss in business, then ensure that while sitting your face in the office should be towards the east or north direction. if are facing towards the south direction then it can be the reason for heavy business loss. That is why, while sitting avoid the south direction as much as possible in your office.

#2. Legal Disputes in Business

Many times there are legal hurdles have occurred in the business. The main reason for this happening is, because of the wrong direction of the borewell. It could be a southeast direction or a south direction. The southeast direction is the place of fire and its lord is Agnidev. Fire and water are opposing elements and cannot be kept in the same place.

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#3. Labor Problems and Solutions

in some places, we have seen labor starts dominating their employer. There could be so many reasons such as low wages, workload, work environment, etc. However, Vastu Shastra has also an important contribution in this kind of matter.

If your employees sitting in the southwest direction then they become more powerful and start dominating you. In such a situation, a sense of arrogance comes into them. Therefore, The sitting arrangement of the manager or head of the employees should sit in the Southwest direction. Besides, make sure the North-West zone should not be higher than the South-East zone in your building.

#4. Keep the northeast direction clean and clutter-free

Northeast is considered the most sacred zone than any other direction.  one who wants to achieve greater success in business then the Northeast corner has to be kept very clean and clutter-free always. This direction is made for worship. Moreover, The more you follow the Vastu rules in the NE direction the more customers will be attracted. Do not keep and pair of shoes and slippers in this direction.

#5. Accidents and Solutions with Employees

The employees are considered the strength of the business. if any accident or mishappening occurred with them then the strength of the business gets weak.  It often happens when the east direction of the building higher than the southwest direction. Therefore, make sure East and Northeast direction should not be blocked because it is considered inauspicious according to Vastu.

#6. Vastu measures to save the business (Vastu tips for business growth)

  1. The furniture in your office should be circular or rectangular.
  2. Make Om or Swastika with red vermilion at the main entrance.
  3. Place a picture of Radha and Lord Krishna with the posture of playing the flute with cows.
  4. If you have your own business and you are worried about not increasing the sales, then keep the goods related to your business in the North-West direction.
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