Vastu Tips for temple at home: Effects of pooja room in Northwest

Effects of pooja room in Northwest

The ideal position of the temple/mandir or pooja room is in the northeast corner of the premises. However, if for any reason you are unable to place a small temple in the NE corner. Then, consider the East direction and the center of the house as the second option. (Vastu Tips for temple at home)

Moreover, do ensure that the rotation of the temple is such that the goddesses and deities facing the west direction. While praying a person’s face should be towards the East direction. The northwest direction has the Air element which will keep the mentally unstable and wandering. Hence, the northwest direction should be avoided for making any temple.

Vastu Tips for temple at home: Effects of pooja room in Northwest

The Best Vastu Tips for temple at home

Having a temple at home is the way to connect through cosmic connections with the positive almighty forces. The following Vastu tips will help you to understand for perusal.

  1. Always keep a solid statue of God. Avoid hollow statues in the temple.
  2. Do not keep more than one picture or statue of one God.
  3. A temple in the house should be kept clutter-free.
  4. The statue should not be cracked and broken. As they are termed “Khandit” and desecrated.
  5. Statue height should not be over the one-hand span. The distance between the little finger and thumb while the palm is stretched.
  6. While sitting for pray God should always be above the navel level. The below area is considered to be impure.
  7. In case the temple is hung on the wall then make sure it should be at least 6 feet high in order to maintain its sanctity.

It is perfectly fine to have a temple in the northeast direction regardless of whatever floor it is.  However, make sure other numerous norms associated with the temple in a northeast direction. Do follow all the other directions or you can seek professional advice from the Vastu consultants.

in conclusion, it would not be considered any Vastu folly by having a temple on the terrace as long as it is in the Northeast direction.

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    • you can only if the hallway comes in the Northeast or in the center of the premises. However, keep in mind that the pooja room should not be in such a place where people are more likely to come and go with shoes.

    • Dear Purvi ji!

      I suggest you to make a pooja room in such a way where only positive energies can flow like living room, lobby etc… by keeping it near Door there is always someone is coming from outside with different energies and shoes. I hope you understand my point.


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