West Facing house is good or bad?

As per the authentic norms of  Vastu Shastra, there is nothing good or bad that can be judged only on the basis of the house facing. The interior planning of the house also matters a lot. Besides, the shape of the plot, slopes, the alignment between the Magnetic axis and the geometric axis of the plot, etc. However, The misconception leads within few peoples that the West-facing houses are inferior in some form. On the subject of Vastu shastra, it is a completely baseless assumption and not mentioned by any Vedic scripture. (West Facing house is good or bad?)

West Facing house is good or bad?

Importance of Land features 

Land features (Bhoomi Lakshan) have to be taken into account to judging to know if the plot is auspicious or inauspicious. which means the land grown sown seeds in three days without termites and tearing surgery and the flow of water goes towards east, north or east, such land is giving happiness. Moreover, there are other factors affecting not only directly associated with the plot but also immediate adjoining areas. Which may help to determine the plot’s suitability from the perspective of Vastu shastra.

Benefits of Living in West facing Homes for some professionals

West facing houses ideal for religious leaders and business people. However, It is difficult to say that it would be good for politicians and government employees. Because these plots demand loyalty and honesty which is hard to see in such professionals. People are likely to be wealthy and friendly behavior who live in west-facing houses.

If you live in a west-facing house then the following article will help you to understand the main door locations and other factors.

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A Vastu expert Views

The Building Structure and the interior arrangement of rooms and furniture placement will finally decide if the Vastu is under consideration or not. All these arrangements can not be overlooked by a Vastu expert. These aspects have to be analyzed beyond the directions. However, it often comes in the observation that even professional Vastu consultants neglect these common terminologies.

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