50×45 Perfect West Facing Vastu Home Plan

While preparing a house plan, The facing of the plot is not just a matter. Such factors as Bedroom location, Kitchen, stairs, bathrooms etcetera are also important to be matched with the Vastu rules. The following design is a Perfect West Facing Vastu Home Plan.  The size of the plot is 50×45 and its other details are also mentioned below. (50×45 Perfect West Facing Vastu Home Plan)

50x45 Perfect West Facing Vastu Home Plan


  • PLOT AREA = 2000sqft
  • PLOT SIZE IN SQYD= 222sqyd.
  • LENTH= 50′-0″
  • WIDTH= 45′-0″
  • BUILDING TYPE= RESIDENTIAL 50×45 Perfect West Facing Vastu Home Plan


50x45 Perfect West Facing Vastu Home Plan

Some people afraid to buy the west-facing plots. As it gains low preference within people. And, they always asked that is west-facing house is good or Bad according to Vastu shastra. The following linked article may help you understand its terms. 

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Kitchen as per vastu shastra

The Southeast direction is considered the best direction for Kitchen. Because the Fire element exists in the SE direction.  The dining area is placed right in front of the kitchen in the east direction. make sure while cooking one’s face should be towards the East direction.

Master bedroom as per Vastu shastra

The Southwest direction is known as the best zone for the Master bedroom. The owner of the house or breadwinner should occupy this bedroom. while sleeping ensure that the body should not come under the South- South-West direction. The South- South-West zone comes between the south and southwest direction.

The kid’s room as per Vastu shastra

Firstly, The study room should be kept in the West, Northwest, or North directions. Secondly, the North and Northeast direction also can be considered as the second option. Therefore, we have kept the kid’s room in the northwest direction.

Staircase as per Vastu shastra

The perfect location for stairs is considered either the Exact South or West direction of the plot. Some People build a bathroom, pooja room, or kitchen behind the stairs. Which is very inauspicious as Vastu Shastra. However, common household items can be kept behind the stairs.

Pooja room as per vastu Shastra

The most sacred and best direction for The Pooja room is the Northeast direction. Additionally,  A place of worship can also be built in the East direction. But the Northeast direction is above all the directions for worshipping by facing east. Moreover, the Pooja room can also be used for guest rooms or aged family members can sleep there.

*Free download the AutoCAD file of 50×45 Perfect West Facing Vastu Home Plan*

The Autocad Drawing shows a 50’x40′ perfect residential floor plan which can also be used in a 50’-0″-45’-0″ plot by extending lines. For your perusal, We have provided the AutoCAD drawing file which is free to download by the following Link.

Click Here to Download:- CAD FILE DOWNLOAD CAD FILE 50′-0″X45′-0″  and 50′-0″X40′-0″

Click here to Download:PDF FILE DOWNLOAD CAD FILE 50′-0″X45′-0″  and 50′-0″X40′-0″

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