Floor plan design software & Types of Floor Plans

When we head to the Architect to design a Floor plan then they basically provide the Architectural planning. In which they plan the Kitchen, Drawing room, stairs, Bedrooms, Bathroom, location. The Floor Plan is a layout that shows the Location of the Walls, doors, and stairs, etc from the Top view.

They have also provided the Scale of the drawing which indicates the dimensions and sizes of the Plot. Besides floor plans also illustrate the interior arrangements of furniture. Such as Kitchen cabinets, Sofas, Bed and Kitchen appliances, etc.

#1. Importance of floor plan

The importance of the floor plans can be varied according to the field’s demand. Once we received the floor plan details from the Architect then the structure designers checked it for structure safety purposes. After the finalization of the drawing in the view of the architect and Structure designer. The drawing will be sent to the authority to get the approval for starting construction on the Plot.

Moreover, The approved set of the Floor plan layout also helpful real estate agents in selling and rent out space to the clients.

#2. Types of floor plan

While planing a floor plan, the Architect has to go through different software to give an attractive to convince the client. Floor plans can be drawn in 2D, 3D, Isometric view, and 3D Live.

Floor plan design software & Types of Floor Plans

2D Drawings

The 2D drawing is a two-dimensional layout. which shows the length and width of the elements such as walls, windows, doors, etc. in other words, The mathematical plan in a flat shape is called a 2D drawings. You can draft and modify drawings with help of various tools provided by the Drafting Softwares.

3D drawing

A 3D floor plans are actually a 3-dimensional layout. Which shows the Lenth, width, and Height of the layout. 3D drawings tend to provide more details than 2D drawings. Hence, It becomes easier to understand the details of the layout and gives the actual look at the space.

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Isometric View

Isometric view drawing shows the different visual combinations of the layout. It helps us to see the detail at the specific position of the layout. For isometric view, The axis rotation is required to get the proper information of drawing. Therefore, By rotating the axis it reveals the hidden and internal information of the element. which provides the proper details to the client and contractor.

3d Live

In the 3D live View, one gets the chance to experience the whole structure of the building before constructing it. However, 3Dlive views are considered the most expensive part of the Architecture services. The architect brings the home designs into life with Live 3D which takes you a tour of the property.

#3. Floor plan design software

There are different types of software products are using to make floor plan designs and Drawings. The following tools are using while designing a floor plan design.

  1. SketchUp
  2. AutoCAD
  3. Ares Commander
  4. Revit Architecture

Sketch up 

SketchUp is specifically known as an easy and versatile tool in the context of making house plan designs. With the help of the sketch-up software, we can easily draft and design 2D and 3D Floor Plans respectively. Furthermore, The third-party Plugin Programs are also supported by Sketchup. You can easily place any model at the actual site by viewing it on google earth.

Moreover, Sketch up offering options to rendering the floor plan design and Elevations of the Architecture Drawings. The light rendering of the sketch-up tool helps to demonstrate a photorealistic feel of interior and landscaping models.

Floor plan design software & Types of Floor Plans


AutoCAD is the most useful and popular software among Architects, Engineers, and interior designers all over the world. The Full form of the CAD is Computer-Aided Design. AutoCAD software is used for Drafting, designing, 3dmodeling, mechanical drawing, architectural drawings, etc.

Moreover, It helps the drafters in many ways such as we can design conceptual ideas, Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations, and so on. Besides, It offers a 3D rendering feature that makes impressive and stunning 3D designs.

Floor plan design software & Types of Floor Plans

Ares Commander

Ares Commander is developed by Graebert enterprises which is a professional and commercial CAD software. It is another alternative software for AutoCAD users with the same native format which is DWG.

ARES Commander creates, Reads, and modifies DWG layouts in 2D and 3D Drawings. As compare to the AutoCAD, Ares Commander is more affordable in the context of Cost saving. Besides, the drafting tools are quite similar to the AutoCAD users with a Quick Access Toolbar and ribbons.

Floor plan design software & Types of Floor Plans

Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture is Produced by Autodesk company. It is useful software for Planning, designing, constructing new and old buildings. Hence, It allows the professionals to work together Especially for designers, architects, and builders. It creates real-world structures and models with advanced technology.

Moreover, Revit provides us the possibility of making complete projects in architecture and engineering subjects. one of the main characteristics is when modeling a building the program automatically generates different views of floor plans, elevation, and sections.

Floor plan design software & Types of Floor Plans

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