How to increase positive vibrations at home in 2021

‘Vastu Purusha Mandal’ These three words represent the symbol of ‘Vivek’, ‘body’, and ‘Soul’respectively. They actually indicate the structure part of the house. Which is affected by the energy present in the house. Before learning about How to increase positive vibrations at home, First, you should know about the five elements of nature. Which needs to be balanced according to Vastu shastra.

These Five Elements are the sky in the center of the house, fire in the Southeast, water in the Northeast, the air in the Northwest, and earth in the Southwest directions. In the context of Vastu shastra, they have called the Panchamabhut.

Vastu principles are deeply related to human life. In such a situation, it is necessary to find a way so that the common people would not be deprived of that knowledge. In order to increase Positive energies, It has to be understandable easily in their own language. So that they are able to apply it in their lives.

How to increase positive vibrations at home in 2021
How to increase positive vibrations at home in 2021

Which day is good to replace and buy the broom

According to Vastu principles, Saturday would be the best to replace the broom. Because it is believed that Buying brooms on Saturdays please Shani Dev along with Lakshmi. Moreover,  The broom should not be kept standing anywhere in the house. It should not be footed, nor should it be crossed, otherwise it can cause Money and Luck loss.

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Vastu tips for bedroom doors and windows

It has to ensure that the doors and windows of the house should not be working automatically. Furthermore, while opening and closing the joinery of the house, should not make any hoarse sound. It may cause discord in the house. You have to fix this by adding a stopper in joinery and adds oil from time to time in constipation. Keep the windows open mostly in the daytime, in order to give the provision of light and air.

Vastu tips for the main door of the house

The swastika symbol is considered the most auspicious to invite the positive energies in the house. Therefore, Make swastikas on the right side of the main door with vermilion offered to Lord Ganapati. In addition, The om symbol is also one of the most precise symbols which brings Good luck and prosperity. It can also be placed at the main entrance of the house in order to enjoy a healthy and wealthy life.

How to increase positive vibrations at home in 2021
Sign of Good Luck

What to do for positive energy at home

  1. Do not leave the house at night or at 12 o’clock in the day.
  2. The shoes and slippers in the house should not be scattered or inverted.
  3. The children studying at home should face east and the teacher should face north.
  4. One should not sleep in the evening. Before sleeping at night, one should meditate on your presiding deity.
  5. While preparing a meal in the morning, feed the first chapati to the cow. By doing this, the sources of income increased.

Things that bring negative energy in the house

  1. There should not be prickly or poisonous trees and plants in the yard of the house, otherwise, the fear of insecurity will remain.
  2. Do not let the nasty water be stored in the drainage pipes inside or outside of the house.
  3. The spider web should be removed immediately so that it could not be spread.
  4. Never keep bathed utensils in the bedroom. It can be the reason for tribulation and loss of money.
  5. Ensure that your legal papers should be placed on the shelf. Do not keep them inside the locker. Because it can cause money wastage on unnecessary issues.
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