Vastu Tips: Lucky color of wallet for 2021

The purpose of money is not only to fulfill your needs but also desires. There is a close relationship between the purse/wallet and financial situation. To overcome the financial problem, our knowledgeable ancestors have given some measures. (Vastu Tips: Lucky color of wallet for 2021)

In which, Vastu shastra is one of them which suggests the Lucky color of the wallet, the Best day to change wallet, and so on. Besides, there are some things according to Vastu shastra which have to be kept in the pocket to avoid money shortages. By Adopting these Vastu rules one’s pocket never remains empty.

in this article, the following topics are going to discuss.

  1. Vaastu tips to keep your wallet filled with money.
  2. Best day to change wallet 2021 (Which is the best day to change wallet)
  3. Avoid these things in your wallet for prosperity.
  4. Lucky Colour of wallet for 2021 (Best color for men’s wallet)

Vastu Tips: Lucky color of wallet for 2021

#1. Vaastu tips to keep your wallet filled with money (What to keep in wallet to attract money)

  1. A red-colored silk thread in the purse is also very auspicious.
  2. lotus seeds can be kept in the purse or wallet in order to avoid a shortage of money.
  3. A folded note in a triangular shape should be kept in the purse. And, Never spend it.
  4. Red cloth is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. If you keep a small red cloth in your purse, then it is considered very beneficial for your pocket.

21 grains of rice in wallet

It is believed that keeping the rice in the purse stops wasteful spending. However, the method has to be applied before keeping it. on the day of the pooja ceremony in your house, especially, in Purnima, 21 grains of rice should be tied in the red cloth and keep in your wallet. By doing this, it increases the money attraction.

#2. Best day to change wallet 2021 (Which is the best day to change wallet)

I  personally believe that the best day to change your wallet is your birthday. On the day of your birth, as you wake up in the morning, take a bath, go to the temple, and get the blessings of your parents. And, you should take a note and a new wallet as a gift from them. The drastic change you will see in your life when one note will attract more money.

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#3. Avoid these things in your wallet for prosperity

According to Vastu Shastra, some of these things should not be kept in the purse. because it can cause negative energy and you may also have to bear the money loss.

  1. Torn papers, notes, and pictures should not be kept inside the purse.
  2. Never keep any kind of bills and receipts in your purse or wallet.
  3. Some people keep keys in their purse which is considered inauspicious as Vastu rules.
  4. Do not keep food items in your purse, some people keep medicines in their purses which need to avoid.
  5. Avoid  Keeping a picture of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, in your wallet. Because the purity of that picture spoils when you visit different places while keeping your wallet in your pocket.
  6. The place of the coins in the purse should be separated from notes. keep your coins in your purse in such a way when you open your wallet they should not fall. Because it invites unwanted expenses.

#4. Lucky color of wallet for 2021

(Best color for men’s wallet)

The lucky color of the wallet has a close relationship to the date of birth. The best color for men’s wallets should not be the same.  Because men’s choices should be different from women’s.

The following table shows which color purse girls should keep and which one should the boys according to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips: Lucky color of wallet for 2021

Lucky colour according to date of birth (Wallet colour according to Vastu)

Date of birth Purse color  For Gents wallet
1,19,28,10 Red, Marron Dark Red
2,11,29,20 White, off white off white
3,12,21,30 Yellow or Mustard yellow Mustard yellow
4,13,22,31 Brown, Dark Brown  Dark Brown
5,14,23 Green Green
6,15,24 Pink or any Light Color Any light color
7,16,25 Multicolored Multicolored
8,17,26 Blue, Black Black
9,18,27 Orange color or Blue Dark Dark Blue

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