Vastu Daily routine for success and happiness 2021

Everyone wants to be successful in his life in the context of health and prosperity. However, It is not as hard as it seems so. Because the ancient text of  Vastu Daily routine schedule for success and happiness never stops the luck coming in your way in 2021. if we look at the daily routine schedule of the richest person, then we can see there is no huge difference from the common people.
For Example, The world’s richest person Elon Musk wakes up at 7 a.m. and sleeps at 9.p.m. I believe every third person usually follows the same schedule in his daily life. The only difference we see is the ability in their work performance.
In today’s article, I am going to share some Vastu daily routine tips for good success and happiness for every working person. You may wonder how Vastu can help us in our working life. Then I should tell you that Vastu is a science of nature which helps you get the best out of your performance. Whenever something is discomfort in life, there is always an imbalance of Vastu elements behind it. Because of that, one has to deal with some problems. Therefore, there are few Vastu tips for daily routine that can be implemented by every working person in his life.
Vastu Daily routine for success and happiness 2021
Vastu Daily routine for success and happiness 2021

Start your day with Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is the only way to get connect with the universal energy which leads you to Real happiness in the world. People who do not have good technique and factual knowledge, are doing something else in the name of yoga. If we add yoga and meditation to our daily routine whether it could be for short but it can provide you plenty of benefits.
By doing yoga and meditation, you can reduce your stress level and increase your imagination and creativity. Besides the anxiety level can be overcome and you can be focused on your present life.
Vastu Daily routine for success and happiness 2021
Start your day with Meditation and Yoga

How to do meditation and yoga in the morning according to Vastu

Vastu shastra has given a specific zone where anyone can concentrate and get desired results. When we start to meditate there are so many obstacles that come in the way which distract our focus.
Similarly, the same constraint has to deal while doing yoga. But thanks to Vastu tips – it becomes beneficial when we meditate towards the north-east direction of our house.

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Which direction should I face while meditating

in the northeast direction, N8 & E1 gates are the zone of Clarity of Mind. Besides the powerful magnetic powers are generated from this direction.  By performing yoga and meditation there you will receive positive vibes which do not let you distract from your focus. However, make sure this direction should be cleaned and peaceful with an airy atmosphere.

The Office seating arrangement as Vastu

After starting your day with Yoga and meditation, you have to set up a day at your working place. As per the Recorded data on the internet, there are 24 million of the 65 million employed adults who work on a computer.

Therefore, the Office seating arrangement should be set according to Vastu principles. It should not happen that we are filled with positive energy and spoiled everything when we visit our workplace. The seating arrangements against the Vastu rules can make you uncomfortable and do not let you enjoy the taste of the success. Hence, The seating area in the office should be in such a way that we stay positive.

Vastu Daily routine for success and happiness 2021
The Office seating arrangement as Vastu

The following Vastu tips will help you to organize things in your office such as furniture placement, interior items, seating arrangement, and so on.

  1. Accountants should be sitting by facing the East direction.
  2. Avoid keeping a semi-circular table for meetings in the conference room.
  3. The staff of your office should also be dressed in light color shades.
  4.  Make sure the Lights in the office should not be too sharp.
  5. The temple should be in such a place in the office where every employee first visits in the morning.
  6. There should not be any such painting or poster which gives violence or a negative message.
  7. If you are in a job and want to work for long periods then place a Phoenix picture to the southwest wall behind seating.
  8. Do not place snowy natural scenes in the south direction in your office whether you are working in your office or at home.  This will lead to speculation in the work done by the person.

Vastu direction for work desk at home

if you are doing work from home then it has to be arranged according to Vastu to get the best outcomes from your work. The Southwest direction has an Earth element that brings stability and strength. Therefore, The work desk should be placed here in such a way when one who working should face towards the North and East direction. Moreover, while doing work by facing East or North direction there should not be any obstruction of door and windows.

In addition, the West zone is also considered the best direction to work from home as per Vastu Shastra. However, Vastu rules will be the same applied as the Southwest direction office mentioned above. Moreover, The wall and floor color of your office at home should be similar to earth colors Such as light grey, yellow, creamy, and gold. Avoid using green color in the Southwest direction. Due to this family relationships can be spoiled.

How to sleep better at night naturally

After the entire busy day, we eat dinner with family then all we need is just a bed to get a night of better sleep naturally. The Bedroom is the only place where we spend most of our time giving a boost up to our body for the next day. Till we do not get enough sleep, we won’t be able to concentrate on our goal for success and happiness.
Vastu Daily routine for success and happiness 2021
How to sleep better at night naturally

The following Vastu tips should be followed to have a naturally better sleep at night. 

  1. Do not have too much light in the room. Keep only soft lampshades.
  2. Use light-colored bedsheets. Otherwise, you will feel lethargic in yourself.
  3. If the color of your bedroom walls stinging to the eye then it displays yang energy. Always use light colors in the room.
  4. Keep a Laughing Buddha in your bedroom. The positive energy of laughing buddha spread happiness and also supports you for good sleep. Besides as we know It is a symbol of wealth. then the shortage of money is no longer to be a constraint in your success.
  5. Never keep electronic items in the bedroom at all, because keeping them will not make you sleep properly. For example, many people keep the television and computer in the bedroom, but they are unaware that the TV generates excessive yang energy which creates a problem for sleep.
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