Vastu remedies for peace at home

It does not matter how beautiful a house you made until the peaceful atmosphere never remains. We saw conflicts between husband and wife, father and son, mother in law, and daughter in law. When we neglect these situations then it may take drastic shape in the house. Sometimes we seek Astro’s help but forget Vastu rules that need to be applied at home. By applying Vastu remedies for peace at home we can make a positive and healthy environment.

Vastu remedies for peace at home

#1. Vastu tips for happy home

In order to make a Happy Home, make sure that you do not have any thorny plants except the Alovera plant in your house. Such as cactus, bonsai, and so on. Because bonsai inhibits the growth of the house. Furthermore, you can keep colorful and fragrant flowers in your house. But Keep in mind that these flowers are to be planted in the front of the house, do not plant them at the back of the house. If you put it behind the house, then it can give some mental anguish.

Moreover,  do not keep all plants in one place in the house, it should be spread everywhere. because it is believed in Vastu that concentration in place is not auspicious.

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#2. Remedies for family peace at home

Master bedroom in the south-east direction in the house can causes fights between husband and wife and domestic violence. One remedy can be used here by using a light green color in the room. Besides, a pair of moonstone balls should be kept at the bedside tables. Because it observes the negativity and brings calmness in the nature of husband and wife.

#3. Vastu remedies for peace at home

Keeping garbage in front of the house is considered the main reason for quarrels. The entrance of the house meaning is the entrance of the energies. And, if you keep garbage in the way of energies then they convert into negativity. which becomes the reason for disturbing the peace in the house. For the Vastu remedy, next time do not keep garbage at the main door. When the garbage collector comes only that time you should bring it out to give them.

Furthermore, it is advisable that do not place any picture of goddess and deities at the main door. If possible, you can make a swastika symbol near the door of the house. Lastly, there should not be any electrical pole in front of the house, it creates a disturbance Environnement in your house.

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#4. Vastu remedies for quarrels (Vastu for family peace)

Such paintings should not be kept in the house which depicts War, Wild animals are salivating among themselves. There is a reason for having domestic violence in the house when you see a picture of wild animals fighting among themselves. For Vastu remedy, you can place a family picture with smiling faces at home. Moreover, if any utensils are broken in your house and you still keep it. Then, throwing it away is also considered a Vastu remedy.

#5. Vastu tips for peace and prosperity at home (Things that bring peace at home)

  1. The broom should not be lay standing as this leads to severe fights in the home. after cleaning, it should be kept in the West direction.
  2. Keeping a picture of Buddha in the house gives you a lot of peace. you can hang it in any other corner of the house. But for better results, you should place it in the Northeast corner of the house.
  3. When you see that your life has become dull, then to add color to it, you must have a picture of a butterfly in your house. it indicates that you want to make your life colorful and its energy helps you.
  4. Flying birds are the symbol of growth in life. One who wishes to grow in his job or business career should keep a symbol of flying birds in the house. It can be in any form such as a picture, decorative item, etc. Flying birds shows the energy in the house that you are ready to grow in your field.
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