Brick Cladding Price in India and guidelines for interior and exterior walls

Brick cladding for interior and exterior walls are considered the best part in the context of interior and exterior cladding. Before using it, you have to ensure which part of the house needs to be planned out with it. Whether you are going to use real bricks or any alternative material for an exposed brick texture look.  if are planning to the renovation of your house and you want to give one of the walls a special treatment. Then the following information will give you an idea while the material selection with Brick Cladding Price in India.

Brick Wall cladding handmade clay tiles

The handmade clay tiles for brick cladding comes in two different sizes.  The first is 9″x2.75″x0.75″ and the second is 8.5″x2.25″x0.75″. As showing in the following image, it looks exactly like a Brick. When you applied it on the surface then its finishing look also similar to the brick wall. The front side of this material has a slight unevenness and pores with a reddish color. The backside is quite rough, and in comparison, the front side is much smoother. The thickness of this material is not thick than the real brick. Therefore, it is lightweight and occupies less space. In order to fix it on the verticle surface, you have to use cement and sand mixture. if you are going to use tile size 9’x2.75’x0.75″ then the total cost of the brick cladding will come according to the following details.

Brick Cladding Price in India:-

  • Material cost (9″x2.75″x0.75″) = 180/-sqft
  • Fixing cost on the wall (including cement and sand mixture) =90/-sqft
  • Finishing cost (clear spray polish)=60/-sft
  • Total cost comes=330/-sqft

Handmade clay tile size 8.5″x2.25″-0.75

The length of this material is the same as the previous one, but the height is different which is 2.25″. However, the sides of both materials are the same as the front is slightly smooth and the other side is rougher which helps while fixing on the wall. So based on the proportion and the number of visible bricks requires, you can calculate the area for brick cladding material.

Handmade Brick Cladding Price in India:-

  • Material cost (8.5″x2.25″x0.75″) = 160sft
  • fixing cost on the wall including cement and sand is =90sft
  • finishing cost (clear spray polish)=60sft
  • Total=310sft
Brick Cladding Price in India and guidelines for interior and exterior walls
Brick Wall cladding handmade clay tiles

Base material for cladding tiles

The brick cladding tile can be pasted on such surfaces as an outside brick wall, shear wall, or siporex cement block wall. However, if you want to use it on an internal wooden ply partition wall. Then, you have to use adhesive instead of cement and sand mixture. But, Make sure that when you are fixing brick cladding on a ply surface, the cost of adhesive will get added.  in comparison to cement, the cost of these is much more. While fixing with the mixture you have to incur the cost of the cladding material cement with extra labor charges.

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Moreover, if you don’t want to paint it and keep it just as it is, you can do so because it looks very nice, just like a brick wall. in addition, you can also spray on cladding just like we apply polish on veneer. This will reduce the settling of dust on this in future and its cleaning will become much easier. In such cases, you will incur the clear spray cost instead of the paint.

Therefore, before purchasing it, decide the base material you want to apply it on.  if applying on the ply, calculate the surface area first and therefore the quantity of adhesive that you will require otherwise using adhesive in comparison to cement may significantly shoot up your budget.

Brick cladding tiles for exterior walls

This particular cladding material is on the external facade gives an astonishing look. you can also create some creative patterns by using them. For example, you can make patterns like horizontal courses of brick then introduce a course of verticle bricks. However, in order to save the exterior walls from rain, wind, or heavy sun rays a weatherproof coating has to be applied.  so that it should not get affected by fungus. Hence, a weatherproof coat is extremely essential.

How do you clad interior walls?

The grooves between two cladding tiles can also be kept to be filled up. it is your choice to make the wall appear leveled or even eliminate the grooves in between. if you wish to show the thickness of the bricks, then grooves must be prominent. you have to remember while applying the cladding bricks that they must all be neatly aligned along a line. Because even a minor misalignment will make all the bricks courses crooked.

How to set the alignment of brick cladding for interior and exterior walls

To maintain the alignment of the cladding lines, the masons often draw a horizontal line at regular intervals on the wall using chalk. By doing this, you can immediately recognize any error every two to three courses, which can be adjustable if any ups or downs there. Because it becomes extremely difficult to make such readjustments once the whole cladding is complete with error.

Terracotta brick cladding

This is another cladding material which is Terracotta brick cladding. in comparison to the first one explained above. it is extremely smooth with different dimensions. The length is lesser, but the height is almost the same.  The thickness of this new material is also quite less than the older one.  Even if they are a bit smaller in size but their finishes are quite well and clean.

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This material comes with very fine pores that are not very prominently visible. Thus, if you want a brick wall that gives a polished feel and rustic free you can go ahead with it. However, while measuring the wall which is going to be pasted with Terracotta brick cladding, keep in mind the exact dimensions of this material.

Terracotta Brick Cladding Tiles Price in India will become as:-

  • Material Cost= 150/-Sqft
  • Fixing Cost (Including Cement and Sand Mixture)=90/- Sqft
  • Total Cost = 240/- Sqft
Brick Cladding Price in India and guidelines for interior and exterior walls
Terracotta brick cladding

Brick Wallpaper For walls

These are some other cladding options in order to create a brick wall texture. if you want to avoid any civil work, dust, and noise, but you need a textured look of a brick wall. Then, Brick wallpaper is a good choice for you. Because wallpaper for brick texture look comes in endless variety. in markets, you can have many varieties ranging from small to big brick patterns. Mostly brick shades wallpaper used in bedrooms and living rooms.  When you applied one of your best selections on the wall. You will notice they look like a brick wall from a distance until you never go close and touch it. Moreover, if any budget constraints in your choice then wallpaper also helps with this purpose.


Brick Cladding Price in India and guidelines for interior and exterior walls
Brick Wallpaper For walls


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