Vastu remedies for toilet in north east direction

Everyone knows that toilets in the north and northeast directions are totally wrong according to Vastu. Whether you live in your house or in a rented apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some Vastu remedies for toilet in north east direction.

I always try to make people understand that Vastu is just like our body. Whenever we fall sick, we take medicine Similarly when your house is suffering from Vastu defects then you have to take remedies to solve it immediately. Therefore,  if Any Vastu defect exists in your house then it is very important to you to take the Vastu expert advice.

While implementing Vastu remedies do not take any wrong steps by only watching videos and reading some articles on the internet. Remember always that a little knowledge can be dangerous.

Vastu remedies for toilet in north east direction
Vastu remedies for toilet in north east direction

In this article,  I am sharing some Vastu remedies for toilets in a northeast direction. As we know all know that 16 directions have equal importance in the context of Vastu shastra. However, the North and Northeast directions are playing a major role because of the Holiest direction of the house.

Most of the people are upset because of the constructed toilet Northeast direction.  Therefore, one should follow the Vastu remedies. In order to increase positivity, one should take Vastu remedies as a cure.

Vastu remedies for toilet in north east direction

Stop Uses of Water closet built in the North or Northeast direction

Toilet in the Northeast direction creates financial hindrance. It tries to Vanish your finances in some or another form. The toilet in the northeast direction especially disturbs the mental peace among family members. It has been observed that ladies are mostly affected in such houses where the toilet is in the NE directions. Such as gynecological-related problems, conception-related issues, and so on.  among females. Such kinds of houses where the toilet in the northeast direction.

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To remedy this, First, you have to stop using a water closet built in the NE direction. Even you should not use it for urinals. By applying this remedy you will start seeing minor positive changes in your house.

Use alternative Toilet in the house

These days, we generally see more than one toilet in every single house. If you have a similar scenario then stop using WC in the northeast direction and make another one useable. While doing this, One might feel uncomfortable but small steps can overcome some bigger issues. We should certainly come out of our comfort zone.

Moreover, make sure the WC should always be cleaned as much as possible. Many times I observed that people remove the toilet from the northeast direction and convert them into storerooms. They do not aware that they are making another big mistake. Because this is also considered to be a major Vastu defect.

Remove the Darkness from the Toilet

The darkness in the Northeast direction is also creating a negative environment. To remove it, add up the lighting provision in the toilet and keep it lit most of the time. If during the daylight sunlight comes normally then you don’t need to use a bulb for lighting purposes.

But If there is darkness even during the daytime then use at least a small bulb for lighting purposes.

Place a mirror on the North Wall

You can also place the Mirror in the North direction. But keep in mind that it should be hanged on the north wall of the toilet. Besides, that mirror should not be reflected in the Water closet. If the mirror is reflecting WC then one should change the location of the mirror.

Keep Sea Salt near the Water closet to remove the negativity

Sea salt has the power of absorbing the negativity surrounding it. While placing it make sure it should be kept in an open bowl next to the water closet. Moreover, it has to be changed monthly. So that negativity can be drained out properly.

Keep a Blue or green Bucket and mug in the north and northeast toilet

if you have kept a bucket and mug in the water closet, especially in the north and northeast direction then you should keep a blue color bucket and mug filled with some water. It should be regularly changed to clean the floors.

in addition, you can also keep a green color bucket and mug in the toilets. By keeping these two colors activate the north and the northeast direction.

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