Wallpaper roll size and price in India with proper guidelines for applying on walls

Wallpaper is a long paper roll on which different kinds of designs are printed. Basically, it is paper that is stick to the wall with glue. in which some designs come in textured, plain, and printed. Therefore, if you want to have some design such as a geometrical pattern, lines, or small motifs. You can definitely go with the wallpapers for your space. It can be easily replaced if you have already used it on your wall. it takes very little time and is completely dust-free. That is why people prefer to apply wallpaper instead of any other material. in order to install wallpapers in your house, first you must know Wallpaper roll size and price in India with proper guidelines for applying on walls.

in this article, you will come to know that where exactly to use wallpapers with its designs available in the market and the price range.

Wallpaper roll size and price in India with proper guidelines for applying on walls

Wallpaper roll size and price in India with proper guidelines

Wallpaper design and colors in the brochure for room

During wallpaper selection, keep in mind that if your room is small, then select a light color shade. However, If your space is bigger, then go with darker shades as it will not look loud in such conditions. So you must decide to go for a lighter or darker color based on the size of your room. Similarly, if the wall is smaller, choose wallpaper with smaller motifs/designs and larger motifs for the larger walls.

There are so many wallpaper options you will find in a brochure. Some of these designs have motifs prints, which sometimes repeat or there is an overall design. Moreover, in brochures, one kind of design is available in different colors. For example, if any pattern is a little dark then the light color will surely be available in the same pattern.

How to choose the wallpaper for a small living room or any other space

in the brochure, you will often find a sample furniture setting photograph along with wallpaper pasted. They are actually photoshopped in order to appear more appealing. Therefore, do not rely completely on the photographs. you should hold the wallpaper vertically on the wall and see how it feels to you. There are many colors you will find such as geometric patterns, stone finish patterns, wave patterns, basic textures, which look beautiful after installation.


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How many rolls of wallpaper do I need to buy

Wallpapers come in the form of rolls. After identifying the wall on which you want to apply the wallpaper, then it is essential to take its measurement properly. you have to measure the length and height of the wall. one wallpaper roll typically covers an area of 55 square feet.

For example, after taking the measurement, if you realize that the area of your wall says 80 sqft, then TWO rolls is must require. Because they are not available in pieces in the market. Moreover, in a 55 square foot roll there is generally 5 square foot is wastage at the top and bottom in every roll.

How to maintain wallpaper pasted on walls

Wallpaper comes in many varieties in which several can be cleaned with a damp sponge. However, it totally depends on the texture and material quality you are using. I would suggest that you clarify with the shopkeeper about the cleaning process at the time of purchase. it will be better if you follow those cleaning guidelines as instructed.

Which wall surface wallpapers should not apply

Many people think that if one is putting a wallpaper then you do not need to paint the wall. But it would not be feasible for wallpapers. Because not all wall surface is finished well. As they are undulating or they can be slightly wavy. Thus, it is very important that before pasting the wallpaper, the wall surface is made absolutely plain. The surface should be leveled and readied.

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How to stick wallpaper on the wall in India

While applying it, one should not take it all the way down to touch the floor. It has to be fixed up to the wall skirting height. In case, if you take it all the way down, then it will be spoiled due to frequent touch while mopping. because when it comes to the connection with the water then it can not be standing for long-lasting.

How do I calculate how much wallpaper I need?

Wallpaper roll size and price in India with proper guidelines for applying on walls

Suppose if you want to use wallpaper on the wall which has 12’x12′ length and height. The following for Wallpaper roll size and price in India calculation will follow:-

  • Width= 12′-0″
  • Height= 12′-0″
  • wall in square feet area= 144 square feet (wallpaper required)

How much is wallpaper per sq ft?:-

As per standard roll sizes, one roll comes with 55 sqft wallpaper. Now we require approx 144 square feet. While wallpaper selection you have to keep your budget first.  Because wallpaper price depends on its quality. Therefore, for good quality, we suggest wallpaper comes with 60/- rupees per square foot. Hence, for 144 square foot wall, we require 3 rolls which will be charged 9900/-rupees.  Sometimes we do not need to pay fixing charges additionally as they are included in the total price. However, some suppliers do not include fixing charges. in such situations, they charged extra for fixing like 500 to 1000 per roll. Therefore, Before purchasing wallpapers roll first clarify it from the supplier.

Should I hire someone to hang wallpaper?

After selecting a wallpaper, staff from the shop will come to measure the wall area in your house.  you may request them to carry the brochure to your house. you can test the wallpaper by placing it on the wall which you want to put it. which help to decide whether it works with your furniture or not.

I personally suggest you that let them apply the wallpaper on your wall. As they are experts in pasting. Even though you can install it by yourself. But you will not be able to give that type of smooth finish as they do.

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