Does Vastu Shastra Really Work or Should we believe in Vastu?

Vastu shastra is known as an ‘Architectural science’ that is developed by Hindu sages for building designs. You must have often heard people say that Does Vastu Shastra Really Work or Should we believe in Vastu? Especially, the new generation does not believe, who have achieved proficiency in the subject of Science.

It happens when you have no idea about the subject in which you do not believe. Therefore, it is necessary to do some study on it and let the consequences decide that should we believe it or not.

Does Vastu Shastra Really Work or Should we believe in Vastu?

There are so many doubts among youngsters regarding Vastu science. One of the most popular is that, what is the logic behind the Vastu shastra? There are so many ancient scriptures that proved that Vastu shastra is very important for living. Such books are Sthapatya Veda, Vastu chakra, Vastu tattva, Brhat Samhita, Matsya Purana, and so on. These books are proven the reality of the subject of Vastu shastra.

By adopting it, anyone can live a prosperous life by eliminating negative energies and enhancing positive energies.

Does Vastu Shastra Really Work?

There are five elements in Vastu shastra that need to be balanced. By applying Vastu principles, we can understand these five elements requirements in our premises. It also helps to get the natural benefits of five basic elements. Such elements are Sky (center of the house), Earth(south-west), fire (Southeast), Air( North-west) & water in the Northeast directions). These directions influence our deeds and behavior by changing the living styles of all living beings including humans.

Moreover, Vastu science is also based on natural energies such as Sky Energy, Solar Energy from Sun, Lunar Energy from Moon, Earth Energy, Electric Energy, Magnetic Energy, and so on. In other words, we can say that it is a combination of science, art, astronomy & astrology which includes the design of houses, temples, cities, gardens, etc.

The greatest examples of Vastu shastra

It has been found that the site plan of Ayodhya city is quite similar to the plan found in the great architectural text Manasara. The Mānāsara is also called a ‘Manasa’ which is an ancient Sanskrit treatise on Indian architecture and design.

Apart from this, there are some other unbelievable examples based on it. in which many countries are prosperous and advanced whereas others are poor and backward because of its directions.

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First example:-

Japan is known for its technology and huge development. The existence of japan in the deep water and widely spread in the East direction provided many benefits. Because Vastu shastra principles say, the North and the northeast directions are considered the most auspicious because of the water element.

Moreover, the east direction also enhances social recognization and popularity in the world. Besides, Japan also gets full benefits from the sun’s rays. Which describes its richness and prosperity.

However, Japan is also suffered from atom bomb attacks. There must be a reason behind it? As I mentioned above, the southeast direction has a Fire element. Which can be imbalanced if any water element exists there.

After the study, it has been found that there is a sea in the southeast and south direction of the japan. Which is the reason for the fear of attacks and earthquakes in Japan.

Second Example:-

There is another example is set by our own country ‘INDIA’. As you may know in India the Himalayas are situated in the North and Northeast side of our country. This is totally against Vastu’s principles. Hence, we have been suffering from a wide range of poverty in Indian.

Moreover, There is water exist on the Southwest and southeast side. which is also not acceptable as per the Vastu shastra. Therefore, we have always been victims of foreign attacks.

However, there is one thing that is in the favor of India which is the slope towards the east direction. This is the only reason we take it as a favorable and auspicious sign for our nation.

Conclusion (Does Vastu Shastra Really Work or Should we believe in Vastu?)

Similarly, there have also been conducted many studies on other countries like  Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, etc. as a result, they are found the most according to Vastu principles.

which indicates the reason for their richness and popularity. Thus, in order to achieve happiness, peace, and prosperity, one must follow the Vastu principles in their life.

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